As promised, I continue to post REVIEWS of my recently released novel, THE EXECUTION OF JUSTICE.

CY B. HILTERMAN, a Book Reviewer in Cherry Tree, PA gave the novel a FIVE STARS rating at on May 8, 2009:

"While reading this excellently written story, I felt as though I was beside the police as they performed their daily duties, while on or off duty and trying to keep up a social and family life. I have never read a book that placed me into the life of those valliant men and women that protect us as well as this book.
Mike Walsh is a patrolman on the Indianapolis, Indiana police force. Mike and his latest partner, Brad Reccio, were racing in their patrol car to a domestic dispute. These disputes are one of the most dangerous calls a lawman can receive. When they arrived shots were fired and Brad was wounded. The descriptive words that the author uses to describe this scene and all the other stories that play out in this book are what keep the reader from placing the book down. The backup police that help keep a scene safe while assisting in the apprehension and questioning all those in the area are a huge part of law enforcement.
"The Execution of Justice" takes you from Mike the patrolman, to Mike who becomes a Robbery-Homicide Detective, through a rough marriage as endured by almost all policemen, through several partners, to crimes that defy a human's imagination. Criminals have no scruples and this book describes many of the activities that our law enforcement goes through every day. You will be in the middle of shootouts, bloody bodies, wounded police, shot victims, forensics, work in the morgue, and practically every crime involvment these men and women have to endure daily. Then they have to go home and try to keep their mind off of what they saw that day. Some face it with alcohol which is the worst thing they could do as it leads to wanting more and more alcohol that doesn't really help to take their minds off of the bad things they see and do. To face death, brutal force, no fear of police, shooting anyone in sight, and trying to overcome your fears regarding all of these, makes our law enforcement special - - very special.
I feel I don't have to go into much detail about this book because as you flip from page to page you will come to understand what Michael Phelps is telling us with such detail and vividness. Thank you Michael Phelps for allowing us to read some of the many things our police endure for humanity. I look forward to your next book. To think that this story is based on fact makes the reader shocked even more.

MS. KAREN HENE, a Reader-Book Reviewer in Indianapolis, Indiana, posted her FIVE STARS Review at on May 1, 2009:

"This is the story of Mike Walsh a policeman and then a robbery-homicide detective for the Indianapolis Police Department. The book is based on a true story. The fact that the story took place in Indianapolis was what first drew me to the book. I was born and raised and live in Indianapolis. I enjoyed the book very much and particularly knowing the parts of town where the story took place added to my interest. I could not put the book down. I wanted to know what was going to happen, because the author made you feel like you were with the detectives, and you could feel their pain, and elation when they were able to close a case.
One Christmas Eve Mike Walsh and his partner Brad Reccio were called to a domestic dispute. Brad was gunned down and was seriously hurt. The suspect had Mike in his line of fire and he was unable to get to his partner. Because of this, Mike put himself in danger and came forward to try and talk the suspect into surrendering. Mike was successful and Brad was rushed to the hospital where Mike learned he would make a full recovery.
Soon after this incident Mike Walsh was promoted to the robbery-homicide division. He was assigned to work with his one time mentor Jack Lovell. Mike found that he was quite good at being a detective and with Jack's guidance he became very good at his job. The bulk of the novel deals with the different cases Mike works on and how a detective investigates cases and gathers information.
The story also focused on the married life of Mike Walsh and how his job affected his marriage. Detectives put in a lot of time tracking down information and different leads that come from their informers. Joanne, Mike's wife found that his new hours on his new job meant he was not home very much. She also worried about his safety all the time. This put a huge strain on their marriage. I don't think many people think about that part of a policeman or detective's life. Their families really have to put up with them bringing the job home with them and the inherent danger of the job.
I would highly recommend this book to anyone who especially enjoys crime novels or just a good read.

I must say that I am very pleased with the six reviews my novel has received thus far. I have gained from the constructive criticism proffered by Mr. Ashbacher and Mr. Shaw, and hope my next novel will sell as well as this debut into the detective/crime novels genre.

My thanks to all who have taken the time to read this blog and for buying the novel.

Mike Phelps

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