Good Morning All in Crime Space,

I am posting the CORRECTED Reviews for my recently released novel, THE EXECUTION OF JUSTICE.

Thanks to CrimeSpace Member Mr. Tom Cooke for pointing out a typo to me.

MR. CHARLES ASHBACHER, nationally syndicated and Amazon Top 50 Book Reviewer on April 17, 2009
posted his Review of, giving the book FOUR STARS:

"A depiction of a detective, whose professional life expands while his personal life suffers,

Mike Walsh is a patrol cop with a stable marriage and a so far unfulfilled desire to have children. He is good at his job, dedicated to preserving the peace and well respected by his peers. When his mentor Jack needs a new partner, Mike is offered the position of detective within the department. Considering it an enormous opportunity, Mike accepts and this is the story of his daily challenges.
Although Mike and Jack are on the trail of a brutal serial killer of women and an increasingly violent gang of thieves, there is no buildup to a climatic end. While the police are meticulous in gathering evidence against the serial killer, unlike other stories, there is no corresponding meticulous buildup of tension.
Therefore, it is inaccurate to describe this as a thriller, while there is action; it is not of the form where the tension is slowly ratched up.
Mike discovers that his new position puts a good deal of strain on him and his marriage, for now he feels personally responsible for the capture of the villains. In order to gather the evidence, it is now necessary for him to attend autopsies and examine the murder victims in great detail. This creates mental baggage that he brings home; he often works late and comes home mentally and physically exhausted.
Despite the lack of a buildup to a climax, this is still a book that will keep your attention. If you enjoy stories about the daily routine of being a robbery/homicide detective. The cover announces that this is the debut novel of a "Detective Mike Walsh" series of novels. Given this good start, I believe it will be a successful one."

MR. RAY VEROLA, an Author of Oakdale, PA, on April 10, 2009, posted his FIVE STAR review on

"An Entertaining Read,

"The Execution of Justice" is a well-paced, exciting novel. Author Michael Phelps has created a likeable, interesting lead character in Detective Mike Walsh. There are two appealing story lines in the book; Walsh's work as a new, fast-learning detective and the up-and-down relationship with the wife who loves him but also has a big problem with his dangerous line of work. The action is fast with many twists and turns that grabs the reader. Two twists toward the end of the book really caught me by surprise and moved the action in an interesting way. "The Execution of Justice" is an entertaining read."

MR. ALAN MR, a Reader posted his FIVE STAR review, March 03, 2009 on

"I just read this book and found it to be exciting. It gave me an insight into how cops work, and their personal side as well. Parts are sad, but it shows dedication on the part of the detective characters. I could easily visualize what was going on in the plot. I really enjoyed it, and hope for more by this author."

More reviews are expected, and I will post them here; the GOOD . . . the BAD . . . and even the UGLY.

Thak you all for your interest.

Have a great reading weekend.

Michael Phelps

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Comment by Michael Phelps on April 25, 2009 at 8:46pm
Thank you Tom.

They taught me in the academy, always watch out for the quiet guy in the corner.
Now I feel a little less stupid.
Have a great weekend.

Comment by Tom Cooke on April 25, 2009 at 2:25pm
Much better. Don't feel stupid. It happens to everybody. I won't even go into the embarrassing moments in my life. Particularly the ones where I thought I was in complete control of everything in my sphere, then the quiet guy in the corner pushes the flush mechanism.

Good luck with EXECUTION OF JUSTICE. Two five stars and a four star are a good way to start.
Comment by Michael Phelps on April 24, 2009 at 10:56pm
Good Morning Tom,

Thanks very much for your keen Editor's Eye! Feeling stupid, as I do at this moment, is not a good way to start the day! CORRECTED POST is now here.

Thanks again, and have a great weekend.

Michael Phelps
Comment by Tom Cooke on April 24, 2009 at 4:43pm
I couldn't get past the spelling error in the title. You might want to re-post.

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