An Idea Bludgeoned, Knifed, and Executed by Trestle Press’ “Dark Pages Deadly Dozen”

Ladies and gentleman, and I use that term loosely as I know many of you, a new anthology is about to hit the world smack in the face, “Dark Pages-Volume 1” !

The idea for this came from the brilliant and fertile minds of two people, on opposite sides of the world: Paul D. Brazill in Poland and B.R. Stateham in the U.S.A.

The idea and the challenge: to find the finest Noir/Hard-Boiled authors the world has to offer and find out what it means in different parts of the world. To that end we put out the call to every corner of the globe asking for and receiving authors’ submissions.

The result, the first of many anthologies to come, “Dark Pages-Volume 1”, Volume 2 will be released in December.

I asked the authors to come up with a name for themselves; they came up with: “Dark Pages Deadly Dozen”. These twelve are the trailblazers; they are the ones that have set the bar for the rest to come. The question is now, if you feel you have the goods to be considered one of the finest noir/hard-boiled authors this planet has, do you have what it takes to be one of the “Dark Pages Deadly Dozen”?

Volume Two is almost full, if you feel you have the goods, you can dig deep and challenge these authors, and walk in the dark halls with them, contact me, hit me with it, right between the eyes.

The link for this madness is:

Here is the lineup for “Dark Pages –Volume 1”

Contained in these Dark Pages are stories from authors from all parts of the globe: USA, England, Ireland, Poland, Australia, New Zealand and Canada... We like to call them the Dark Pages Deadly Dozen!

12 authors, 12 great stories: deep, dark, passionate ideas brought to life that strive to display and define noir/hard- boiled in ways that are sure to entertain. Enter the world of Dark Pages!

Here is the author line-up and the Countries they represent:

Paul D. Brazill-Poland-“'Twelve shades of noir from the darkest corners of the world.”

B.R. Stateham- U.S.A.- "Twelve stories of the bizarre.  This is not the world you're familiar with, Toto."

Julia Madeleine-Canada- "Please come in, sit down, join us in a cup of death."

Benjamin Sobieck-U.S.A.-“ Humans need borders to feel safe. Murder needs borders to hunt the flock. Here be a dozen wolves.”

Warren Bull-New Zealand-"Authors who will take you twelve steps into darkness.”

Graham Smith-Scotland-“Twelve steps around the world, give you one dozen reasons to lock your door at night!”

Lily Mulholland-Australia- “A dozen free range tales to take you on a world-wide tour of noir.”

Thad Brown-U.S.A.- “Twelve uniquely individual takes on the meaning of “hard-boiled.”

John Hansen- U.S.A.- "Whether you know it or not, these stories will wheedle their way into your brain and linger there for a very long time."

Paul Grezegorzek-England,  Andrew Nette- Australia,   K.A. Laity-Ireland



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