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Today is going to be a hybrid type of day. I got stuck, or should I say had the joy, of doing some serious Christmas shopping yesterday and didn’t finish off Graphic Novel Friday as I would have liked to. Add to that the Samuel L. Jackson graphic novel I picked up and the interest, comments, and questions about it, I knew I had to hustle today and get this all done. Tuesday I launch my best of the year lists a little later than I wanted to, but hey, life happens. Let’s get right into the newest A.J.Pompano digital short, a new Quincy Lazzaro vehicle which I was glad to take the ride on. Here is the short synopsis on the short story:

“Quincy Lazzaro finds fellow teacher Eleanor Matlock draped over the new copier with the scanning light making copies of her lifeless face. It looks like Ms. Matlock’s sixth grade students will be having a sub today.”

I love the sense of humor and timing that A.J. Pompano has. Yes, I know that I have featured him many times the past few weeks, but good is good, and I enjoy reading good. The character of Quincy Lazzaro is a fun one and I enjoy the situations he gets put in and the way he gets to the right answers. Connect the dots and have a good time with the plotline and the characters. The cast is small, but well thought out and executed.

Here is the author’s bio: ”A. J. Pompano has been writing short fiction for more than twenty years. His kayaking sleuth, Quincy Lazzaro, was introduced in “The Copy Cat Didn’t Have Nine Lives,” published in Still Waters: Crime Stories by New England Writers. A past winner of the Helen McCloy/Mystery Writers of America Scholarship, he has written many academic pieces including one on teaching detective fiction. A member of Mystery Writers of America and a brother member of Sisters in Crime, he is on the committee for New England Crime Bake, a conference for mystery writers and readers, held every November in Boston. “

Check him out at these websites: &

Right now A.J. Pompano has four other titles besides this one listed on Smashwords:

* The Copycat Didn't Have Nine Lives    * Promises to Keep    * The Sanibel Slouch    * Driving Directions

I have reviewed the majority of them; feel free to go through our archives for my thoughts on them. The bottom line on all this is: A.J. Pompano can flat out construct a digital short story, make the time spent reading them fly by, and feel that the money spent was a great investment. Reading a digital short has become an integral part of my reading week. Bottom line is this: if you enjoy mystery/suspense/whodunit, then you should add some if not all of these digital shorts to your library. School’s Out on that.

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