Digital short Saturday David DeLee Kickin' it South of The Border

I was hoping that this was not a digital short story about The South of The Border. I have come to know and now skip stopping at South of the Border off of Interstate 95 on our way down south on vacation. I like the neon as a marker in the evening, the billboards make me think of my childhood, but I could only think a good comedy would come of a story revolving around it. Thankfully David DeLee has something else in mind. Grace deHaviland rides again: ”Tracking a U.S. bail jumper across the border into Mexico is illegal. But when bounty hunter Grace deHaviland and Sheriff's Deputy Suzie Jensen do just that, facing charges isn't their biggest problem: Getting back alive is.”

Kickin’ it South of The Border is just a tad shorter in length than the previous digital short we posted on a few Saturdays ago (check our archives) by David DeLee, First Impressions. If you are keeping count and like to pay by the word it is 5537 vs. 6763. The character of Grace deHaviland is a good one and I hope that the author continues to pump out the action as he has a fan in me. I enjoy the way he subtly reveals more and more of  deHaviland’s personality in each edition of her exploits, and also allows us to meet and discover new friends and interests she has.

The plotline is a quick moving, comical at times, detective type story. David DeLee doesn’t mince words or waste any in this digital short story; it is a taunt, gripping escapade that is fun to wisked away with. I read this on my smartphone while waiting for my daughter to come out of school. She said I had a nice smile on my face when she got in the family vehicle, yes, I was reading another digital short story, she guessed it right.

Before I forget let me give you some more information about the author and a link or two for you to check out things: ”David DeLee is a native New Yorker. He holds a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice, and is a former licensed Private Investigator. His previous short stories have appeared in Daw’s Cosmic Cocktails, in three consecutive volumes of Pocket Books, Strange New Worlds, and the soon-to-be released Mystery Writers of America anthology, The Rich and the Dead.

David is an active member of the Mystery Writers of America and the International Thriller Writers Association. He currently lives in New Hampshire with his family where he’s hard at work on a novel featuring Columbus, Ohio-based bounty hunter, Grace deHaviland.”


His Publisher:

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