Digital Short Saturday Vincent Zandri Pathological

I was fortunate enough to find three excellent digital shorts to read and post on this week. Personally I have fallen in love with many things about the ereader platform and what is just being discovered can be
done with it. The place that the digital short has in my week for me is an
important one now. I get the enjoyment of full length novels, the fun and
escapism of the graphic novels and then at any time anywhere I am I can pop up
the digital short and get my fix of the written word, seemingly anywhere there
is a semblance of humanity, or in the lack of that a cell tower, haha. It really helps break things up for me and I
enjoy the compact, in your face, get down to it, storytelling involved in the
digital short.

Vincent Zandri is a prime example of that in Pathological, a digital short that has 4810 words. It is like reading a ticking time bomb, waiting for it to go off in our hands (that is if you are reading it on a
cellphone or ereader device) or in my case as I read it off my laptop ,in my
face. Zandri wastes no time and not a single word in getting his point across
and the emotion that he wishes us to feel as we try to immerse ourselves in his
characters mindsets. The plotline is a simple one, but in the hands of a
skilled author like Zandri, he is able to put his trademark twists and turns
into it, carrying us along on a swift moving trip to the last word. The 4810
words breezed by and came to a dead stop very quickly.

I bring up the word count twice here for a reason. The story is compact, it is emotionally charged, quick and compelling. I am amazed and enjoy the fact that a seasoned author, one that has penned many full length novels,
can craft a narrative and construct a simple plotline and bring it to such a concise,
compelling ending. All this and much, much, more can be yours for the simple
and unbelievable cost of $.99.One would be hard pressed to be able to buy a
pack of gum for this now, unless maybe you had a coupon. I am fortunate to have
this find in my Smashwords library and can get to it from any reading source I
chose, in whatever color and font I want to read it in. It is just too much
fun. The gum alas, I have to chew diligently and then in a short period of time
it is gone, the story though Remains with me ( that my friends is a gratuitous
plug for Mr.Zandri’s full length novel-The Remains. My wife, my editor, didn’t
know what I meant and why I capitalized it, so I needed to explain.).If you
wish to purchase any of Vincent Zandri’s novels I have many of them here at the
blog , just click and enjoy.

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tomorrow. Have a great day.

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