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Each week as I hunt for a digital short to present for you, I learn something new about the process that these authors go through to bring their hard work, their soul, and dedication to their craft to you in ways that
are imaginative and for me in many ways amazing. Sara Morningsky is a free
download on Smashwords and available on a few other carriers. You can down load
it from Smashwords to any device that you are able to read a story. My choice
was the laptop, but one of these times I am going to give my cellphone, a
Verizon Droid, a try. My son has offered his iPhone and my son-in-law his iPad.
I think that you are getting the point here. These digital shorts have the ability
to be digested in all forms by anyone at almost any time.

One of my daughters now reads them on the train to work on her iPhone or laptop, why not? The whole idea is to get a nice quick hit by the author that is trying to impart their work in a concise manner. The digital
short is taking us to a time and place that requires skills different from that
of the traditional novel. I enjoy the versatility these authors show and their
descriptive abilities. Lee Driver in Sara Morningsky is a very good example of
this. I was not drawn to this because it was available at no cost, although
that was a bonus. I was intrigued by the premise and the characters.

Lee Driver has created a unique pairing in Sara and Chase. The dialogue is pleasant; the plotline is fun and the action moves the story along quickly. The story itself is just over 6,000 words and there is not one
word wasted in this story. We get a great narrative and learn as much about the
characters as I think possible in the digital short. Here is a little something
I took off of the afterword of the story:

“Sara Morningsky first appeared in “A Mystery in Mind Anthology” in 2004. This short story is a prelude to the Chase Dagger series and was never meant to be a series. However the characters refused to shut up.
There are currently four books in the series: The Good Die Twice, Full Moon,
The Unseen, and Chasing Ghosts. Visit the author at

I don’t see how you can miss on this one. There is no cost involved and I am sure that you will enjoy it so much that may check out the others in the series. If you haven’t set up a Smashwords account yet, it
doesn’t take much to do so and it requires very little time. Then you can
explore the many wonders that await you there and start to build your own

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