Graphic Novel Friday Leonardo Ramirez/ Davy Fischer HAVEN

Happy Friday to everybody!! I don’t know if it is just me or what, but this week seems to have an extra day or two in it. My Hawaiian shirt has been ready to be worn since Wednesday but I digress. The reason I mention
my general funk is that I was lucky enough to run into Leonardo Ramirez here in
cyberspace. He energized my day and week. I already had a post ready for today,
you can see that later on today, but his enthusiasm and the quality of his work
spurred me on to the double post today.

Haven is an interesting story. Here is the backstory straight from graphic novel:” The Dante family line has been in the fires of an ancient war between humanity and the nine circles of hell for generations as a
self –proclaimed “Aristocracy”. The circles have now set their sights on the
one chosen to fight the raging war…Haven Irena Dante. But soon after the tragic
death of her mother, Haven endures the vile theft of her innocence and
disappears… no one has seen or heard from her in two years. Until now…”

I was not just surprised but am very grateful I was given the opportunity to get a read in on this story. I thoroughly enjoyed the plotline, the heroine is enjoyable and easy to identify with, and overall the
graphic novel is of a nice quality. Action, snappy dialogue, good bad guys, a
backstory that will keep on giving us story after story, this has it all. The
artwork by Davy Fisher is an excellent complement to the story, infusing the
dialogue with an incredible energy. Fisher’s color palate is unique and vivid,
I for one was drawn into the entire graphic novel.

Haven is a nice independent departure from the usual Marvel/DC stable of characters. I make no comparisons because of the simple fact that this truly stands on its own and has excellent content, artwork, and
dialogue. One cannot ask much more from a graphic novel. Leonardo Ramirez has created an unusual, fun,
and exciting world in and around Haven. Join the fray and pick it up, enjoy the

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