I am not a year-end list type of guy but I am going to put three out here this week. I have broken my lists up into three categories: novels, digital short stories, and self-published work. The plan is to put them up in that order Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The time frame involved for inclusion in this is the entire year, not just a quarter as I have done throughout the year. Placement of some of the novels may surprise you and/or irritate you (sorry), but I am more than happy to debate my placement choices with you. Let’s have at it shall we? Here are my top 35 novel choices for 2010 which I could have easily made 100, maybe next year. Wait, why 35? To keep it simple, we have been posting since mid- March so I wanted to divide 50 by 4 and multiply it by 3. 35 seemed like a nice number. 38 or 39 didn’t cut it for me.   Feel free to download all of them to your new ereader. Oh yeah, some authors have two titles next to their name; I loved them both.

1-Lee Child-61 Hours/Worth Dying for

2-TIE:Brad Thor-Foreign Influence/The Athena Project

-Vince Flynn-American Assassin(Sorry couldn’t make up my mind)

3-Daniel Silva-The Rembrandt Affair

4-Barry Eisler-Inside Out

5-Jeffrey Deaver- Edge/The Burning Wire

6-John Sandford- Storm Prey/Bad Blood

7-Harlan Coben –Caught

8-Robert Crais- The First Rule

9-Gayle Lynds- The Book of Spies

10-Steve Berry- The Emperor’s Tomb

11-Michael Connelly- The Reversal

12-Vincent Zandri-The Remains/The Innocent

13-Steven James-The Bishop

14-David Rollins-Hard Rain

15-David Baldacci-Deliver Us From Evil/Hell’s Corner

16-Steve Hamilton-The Lockout Artist

17-Alex Berenson-The Midnight House

18-Richard Doetsch- The Thieves of Darkness/The 13th Hour

19-James Patterson-Private

20 Zoe Ferraris- City of Veils

21-Bob Hamer- Enemies Among Us

22-Irene Hannon-In Harm’s Way

23-Sean Chercover- Trigger City

24-Stephen J. Cannell-The Prostitute’s Ball

25-Michael Wiley- The Bad Kitty Lounge

26-Christopher Quinton Scadifi- Time Couriers

27-Douglas Corleone-One Man’s Paradise

28-Mark Greaney- The Gray Man/ On Target

28-Ben Coes- Power Down

29- Aura Imbarus- Out of The Transylvania Night

30-Tom Wallace-Heirs of Cain

31- Lee Goldberg- Mr. Monk Gets Cleaned out/ The Walk

32-Todd Goldberg- Burn Notice –The Giveaway

33-Todd Ritter- Death Notice

34-Leona Bodie- Shadow Cay

35-Daniel Carter- The Unwanted Trilogy

I hope that I have pointed out some excellent novels by some very nice people that happen to be very good authors. Give them a shot if you haven’t already, there are some excellent debut novels in there as well as works by some of the giants in the industry. Above all have a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Years!!

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