Q&A with Alan Sakowitz author of Miles Away... Worlds Apart

-Have you found that the response that you get from those that have read your book to be positive and that they got the spirit of why it was written?

Yes, Readers have written to me from all across America and even several countries around the world with feedback.  Having a dialog with readers is such a pleasure.

-What are some of the positive things that have come from your readers taking your message to heart? There is nothing more meaningful than when readers contact me and ask how they can build a community with an infrastructure where neighbors help neighbors. My answer is to always “Start small. Start with a core group and select one program that your community needs.  Once the program is started and it is benefiting the community other neighbors will either join in or start another project to assist the same community.” Creating programs where neighbors help neighbors spreads an enthusiasm that is contagious.

-What other things would you like to see happen from your readers once they are done with the book? It would be great to hear inspiring stories and empowering lessons from my readers. Sharing them on my web site, EmpoweringLessons, would allow readers to constantly read stories that inspire them to build up their communities. I hope that becomes a reality.

-What do you have coming out next, and what is the direction of it? There are two other books that are written in my mind. One is similar to Miles Away… Worlds Apart, but a different event, not a crime but still  nonfiction, with more powerful lessons and stories from around the world. The other book is just inspiring stories from around the world. Before my time directed into other books, I need to remain devoted to marketing Miles Away… Worlds Apart.

-What people have been the biggest influence on you? My parents, siblings, wife, children, friends and neighbors.

-I have to ask this question: What is the question that you don't get asked that surprises you doesn't get asked and what is the answer to it? The opposite has happened. I have been asked so many different questions. Many of them I am surprised have generated so much interest.  One question I am asked often that I am surprised has sparked so much interest relates to the murder of Melissa Britt Lewis, an attorney that was a partner in Rothstein’s firm.  Many people seem sure either she was killed by Rothstein’s COO’s ex-husband or sure he did not kill her and surprised when I don’t have a strong opinion either way. My thought is that there is so much evidence each way that an independent investigation needs to be conducted.  I do not have access to the information needed for me to make a more informed answer.

-The Holiday's are in full swing. Do you have any recipe ideas you wish to share with our readers for a libation, cookie, appetizer, main course? Having four daughters that are each great cooks and a wife that is a great cook, keeps me out of the kitchen except to cook eggs and pizza!

-The process you use to pen your book, what is it, how do you go about it? Once I decided to write this book, I sat at my home computer each night after work and stayed glued to the key board five nights a week and all day Sunday. Other than Friday night and Saturday, after work, that was my focus. I wrote it and rewrote it for about five months. I went through about 20 -25 drafts before the manuscript became a book. There was a need for a balance between speed and completeness. Time was important since the book being released while the Rothstein situation was still unfolding had a publicity advantage. At the same time, waiting for as many details to unfold also was important. In the end, it was a balancing of the two that was needed. It was also important that I did not race the process to the point that quality suffered.

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