His Heart is that of Italy

The leisurely beauty of Italy,

Il bello d'Italia
The beauty of Italy

Lies down, upon a place of rest
Within his heart

Her skies, seduce the eyes of his soul
Her countryside of rolling hills, vineyards,
Grapes that will become wine,
Her culture, its people hidden by its own rule,
The colour of a peacock, its cuisine, its aroma
More important to him than that
Of his own reality

My hearts song, longs for the acceptance
Of her opulence and subtle disguise

Words, that of life and their truest meanings
A veil of secrecy exposed upon a canvas,
A blank canvas, the painter of words
With a palette of colour resting
Upon his hand, and brush in the other

Visionary, the secrecy of his heart,
A country within Italy’s own beautiful soul

©Arthur Henn 2009

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Comment by Arthur on June 11, 2009 at 11:00am
Mrs. Krystal Waters invited me here to share some of my writing. I've been writing poetry for a couple of years now. I don't consider myself a true poet but, I believe the words are there if we reach down deep within the soul, deep into calm waters and, bring forth what our mind deciphers and hearken to what we hear whispered from the depths of the soul.

Thank you All

Arthur Henn

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