The Sea is Her Companion

Emptiness closing the shutters to my soul
Trying to find that place where I belong
I’ve faced the pain of trial and error,
Not knowing where this heart of mine belongs

The gracefulness of your beauty
What my eyes observe my soul yearns for
Thriving by the minute, day by day,
Landscaping the irises of my eyes

Wanting to tread softly upon the footprints
Of your soul
Time is only grains of sand
Flowing through an hourglass of time

The stillness I feel in your kindness
Leads to a quietness which grows in my soul,
Wanting to hold you
Like I imagine so many times before

Turning back the hands of time
Leads me to still waters like I imagined
Time and time again, watching you embrace
Your lover, the seas arms wide open holding you

The chambers in my mind
Have plenty of room
Wanting to capture
Your emotions

Unforgiving I am, the desires, the passions
Of wanting her
To adore her
And get close to her

Her impression
What she is thinking
Her manner
The way she carries herself
Like nothing I have ever seen

Words pressed
Upon my lips
Speechless not knowing
What to say

Like the warmth of, the rising sun
My eyes
Embrace her exquisiteness
With the hint of an affectionate smile

Her image engraved in the walls of my mind
Like a rose blossoming on the first day of spring
April rain diminishing upon her sensuality
Embraced by the warmth of my smile

She holds the beauty of Mother Nature in her palms

Like the maple leaves of spring
Their fall colors
Are those of her fashions
Always nourishing the essence

Of my soul

My emotions closing in on me
I think to myself,
Wanting to get to know her
Like each receding wave has gotten to know her

© 2009 Arthur Henn

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