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Waking to the news that one of my fellow collaborators, Big Daddy Abel, had three titles in the TOP TEN in his category made me take pause and reflect a bit. My wife made me stop though as it appeared it I may go into a seizure or something. Pausing and reflecting is not one of my many strong points. Here is the thing: as little as four months ago BDA was not doing this, the writing thing, nor was Trestle Press doing publishing on any type of major scale. Since then though, the talent they have been able to assemble has been nothing short of amazing.

Big Daddy Abel, Joanne Lewis& Amy Faircloth, B.R. Stateham, Laurie Bowler, H.R. and Cody Toye… the list keeps going. What have they accomplished?

-Laurie Bowler has had not just one, but eight different titles in the running on Goodreads for YA stories of the year, both full length and short story. At one point in the poll she had all eight in the top ten. Not Bad! If you are a Vampire lover and have yet discovered her, check her out!

-Joanne Lewis and Amy Faircloth have had “Wicked Good” going at a steady pace receiving not just incredible reviews but amazing praise for their novel that involves the depiction of a single mother raising her son who has Autistim/Aspergers.

-Big Daddy Abel has made a quantum leap from where he started oh those many days and months ago. Wait, it is just since the end of February. Here is the thing about my fellow collaborator, he is just everything that you see. There is nothing sugar coated about him; he is the real caring, deal. That is just part of the reason he and his work have become so beloved in such a short period of time. He will be adding to his library very soon with Volumes Four and Five of the Open Mic series and we have a new The Author’s Lab/Collaboration coming out called ”The Edge of Cataclysmic” ; it is global warming smack in the face kind of thing.

-The Author’s Lab/Collaboration series- by the end of next week there will be Ten, yes I just wrote Ten, titles in that franchise. The experiment thus far has yielded results that I don’t think anyone could have envisioned when we started doing this. Writer’s block has been cured; new characters for authors have been born, and authors have been doing things they haven’t thought possible. This is part and parcel of what Trestle Press is all about: the AUTHORS and the READERS. Both win in this exchange; there are no losers.

To wrap this up, I have not mentioned all the authors that are under the Trestle Press umbrella right now. There are a number of them and they cover just about every genre at this time. In my opinion, they are quality individuals that have a singular purpose: to bring to you the best written material they possibly can. They care about you the reader! They not only want you to read their hard, heartfelt work but they want to hear from you about it. What did you think about it? How can they improve as an author? I would say that they probably have a hundred other questions to go along with this, but at bare minimum they want you to take their measure, to see their heart, soul, passion and drive for what they love to do, what they feel deep down in the essence of their being that they were born to do. To sum it up though, if you are looking for a quality read from an “Indie Publisher” that is not only willing to take chances but wants to in order to bring you the best day in and day out, why not put their name, Trestle Press ,in the toolbar at Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Smashwords and download one of the many titles; the authors are waiting to hear from you.

Here is a listing of authors currently hard at work for you, trying to win you over as a reader at Trestle Press: Alexandrea Weis ,Amy Faircloth,  Angelique LaFontaine, Barbara Briggs Ward, Benjamin Sobieck, Big Daddy Abel,Blaise Valentine, B.R. Stateham,Chantal Boudreau, Cleveland W. Gibson, Cody Toye, CQ Scafidi, Ed & Eunice Vought, Edgar Strathmore, Ellyn Laub, Floyd Buck Periwinkle,H.R. Toye,  J. Evan Johnson, James DuBois, Jeffrey Martin Jr.,Joanne Lewis, John Reed, Joy Spraycar, Laurie Bowler, R.W. Doyen, Robert Ford, Samantha Weiler, Skylyr Symkyns, S.R. Edvalson, Thad Brown, Tom Sumner, Thomas White, Thierry Thelemaque, U.R. Mine,  and Werner Lind.



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