The G-Man says Happy Father's Day!! Have a story on me!

Many of you know that I am the father of eight wonderful children, and I know that I am fortunate to say the least. They are all healthy, way smarter than I’ll ever be, and I am told they are way better looking than the oldman. Thank God for my wife right, well I do every day. Okay, so what is it I am yapping about now. Here’s the deal, I have been fortunate enough to have been given another  gift of being able to work with an incredible group of authors that are extremely talented. To entice you to check out their hard work, labors of carrying me around the story, I am offering my “In Between” the Collaborations digital short story “I Have Chrome Balls, Don’t You?” for free if you purchase any of the titles from The Author’s Lab/Collaboration series. To date there are seven of them, all of which I have listed below by title, correct sequence, and author.

Just to give you a hint where this is all going: I am actively engaged at this moment in doing 10 more of these collaborations with another 20 scheduled. What does that mean? Well I would say that a weekly offering is coming your way with a different author each week. The genres are varied, the stories are fun, and the price is right at $.99 each. Why not get hooked now and have something to look forward to each week with another author that maybe you didn’t know, haven’t discovered or see in a new light.

Thus far the experiment has yielded some amazing results for the different authors. Their creative juices have really flowed from doing this.  I have helped cure writers block, seen new characters born, new franchises started, we will be crossing characters between authors, and in some cases seen a side of many of these authors that have yet to be seen. Interested? Download one of the stories over the next few days; email me your proof of purchase, and boom and added bonus is yours.

 I am told my story is a bit funny, but hey, you decide, and if you have a few minutes, hit both stories with stars over at Amazon, we would love to hear from you as to what you thought. Listed below are the titles and authors in order of their appearance:

“Down Low- Dead”-Vincent Zandri

“The Jersey Shore Has Eyes”- Big Daddy Abel

“G.S.I. Gelati’s Scoop Investigations/Psychotic Detectives” –Thomas White

“Who Whacked The Blogger”- Benjamin Sobieck

“Thad and The G-Man’s Most Awesome Adventure” – Thad Brown

“Hotel Beaumont” – B.R. Stateham

“Bring Us Your Living… Now!” H.R. Toye  

P.S. If you are an author and want to go a few rounds with me, email me and let’s see what we can together. Fun is fun, am I right? Hope you have a Happy Father’s Day!

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