Nancy Means Wright's Review of Mood Swing

Through our Mavens chapter of Sisters in Crime, I've come to know the wonderful mystery writer Nancy Means Wright. She posted the following review of my first novel, Mood Swing: The Bipolar Murders, on Amazon, and since BSP is OK on our personal blogs, I'm posting it almost in its entirety:

I began this novel with trepidation - like many others, I'm a little in awe, a little uncomfortable with people with "mood swings." But as I read this terrific novel and got to know the myriad characters, my own mood swung...This writer is a true professional, I came to realize: a bright, fun-loving, compassionate human being. I admire the high quality of the writing, the in-depth characterizations (often delightfully quirky); the fascinating setting (I love the details of the Manhattan Lower East Side); the realistic dialogue, the plot - all of it brilliant...I found myself going back to reread sections, to laugh (the author has a great sense of humor)...This is what a mystery should be: unravelling like a colorful tapestry until it is all in pieces - and in the end put back together with love and with craft.

I hope this review will inspire some of you to check out my work - you can read the first chapters of both my books on my website. I'd love to get more reviews from my fellow mystery writers - and to read and review your books as well, if you'd like to make an exchange.

Here's to a bountiful New Year for all of us! Now I'm off to don my parka and ski pants and join my husband in shoveling the six inches of fresh powder snow that's blanketing our driveway.

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