Ninety nine cents, what the heck am I getting?

For ninety-nine cents, what the heck am I getting? In most cases a lot! Think about this moment and follow with me. When you went to the supermarket last time what did that buck grab you? A pack of gum, no, a 20 oz. carbonated beverage, again no, toilet paper, one roll and a little change maybe, a loaf of bread, again no. Enough of that? Good. Now picture an author hard at work on a story. How long do you think they labor over a digital short story? Minutes, an hour, more? I go with the more part. You are getting just in that one person hours of hard work from beginning to end. But hey , there’s more!

What do I mean by that? That digital short story needs to be edited, yes it does. Doesn’t matter the skill level of that author; it needs to be edited and proofed. There is more time there. What about the cover art? Yeah what about it? That has to be made; that is a time consuming project from start to finish. The right picture, the right fonts, the right ,well ,everything if possible.

Then it has to be properly formatted: Easy for some but not for others. Me I don’t even think about it; it is over my head and limited intelligence.

The digital age has created a new empowerment for us the reader. Reading a short story before was difficult; they really didn’t print them. Now with the new E-age of publishing we can enjoy them, read them anywhere anytime, and in what way we want.

The next time you are looking for something to read, something that is worth what you are paying for, consider getting hooked on a digital short story series, there are tons of them, and in all genres. Trestle Press currently hosts over 3o of them, in all genres and sizes( from 2,000 words to 7,000). Right now the “Amish Knitting Circle” has three installments with a fourth releasing tomorrow. It has been Number One on the Amazon Kindle charts not just for its genre, but overall, the number one digital short story in all of Kindle. The entire series is one quality read after another.

Put Trestle Press in the Amazon Kindle or Barnes & Noble Nook toolbar, have some fun, find some great reads, they are there waiting for you.                  

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