Reprisal : Making Plans, Making Memories Sam Lang

Debut efforts are fun reads for me; I really enjoy them. Sam Lang’s though, is one of the best I have read in a while. Did you get a chance to read his guest post a few days back?  I really enjoyed it. For me it showcased his ability to ratchet up the tension as time goes on. I know I am a few steps ahead in this story than you because I have gotten an advanced read on the material, but it is one tense series. As good as the first offering is, the rest of them just keep getting better and more mysterious, each and every one. Here is the synopsis of Making Plans, Making Memories:

“Reprisal is a dying town built on secrets and haunted by a mysterious shadow since its beginnings.

Eddie Newport must survive one night in this town with his oldest friend as a bus full of escaped murderers breaks down on Main Street.

In Making Plans, Making Memories, Eddie and Police Chief Matt Canton discuss plans for the prison bus to pass safely through their small town, while they evacuate the few remaining residents. Through a dream, or possibly a premonition, Eddie realizes he may have had a previous encounter with the Shadow.

Sam Lang lived a cold, dark life. Ignored for most of his existence, he developed a fascination with things of a macabre nature. His writing explores the dark recesses of human behavior. Lang writes with heavy thematic elements and symbolism, creating harsh, hyper-realistic characters. Lang currently resides in Florida where he spends his time thinking of new ways to delight and horrify his readers. Not much else is known of this reclusive author.”

I am not sure how Sam Lang does it but the characters he creates are instantly likeable. Eddie and Police Chief Canton seemingly think they know what is ahead of them but we the reader know that they are about to run over by a big freight train of fear and horror. The town of Reprisal is one scary place to be. The Shadow casts doom and gloom like nothing I have read before. Sam Lang has quickly become an author to watch. Speaking of which, I am going to working with Sam on a new piece in The Author’s Lab/Collaboration digital shorts tory soon. Keep your eyes peeled for updates.                

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