Wish to Hek Reviews: Universal Studios, Orlando Robert Ford Guest Post

Wish to Hek Reviews: Universal Studios, Orlando

     I’m releasing my inner geek here. I know I normally write a review about books in this blog but I wanted to change it up somewhat.  If you want a cool, different from the norm book, read the oldie but goodie, My Bondage and My Freedom: The Autobiography of Frederick Douglass.  It is devastating to read how a slave was treated back in the early history of the U.S.  As a teacher I like to keep up with some history so I just finished Mr. Douglass’s book and am now reading the more kid-friendly Percy Jackson, Part 5.  But I’m not here to talk about books today; I’m here to talk about a little vacation.  I’m here to review Universal Studios, Orlando.

     My family and I visited the famous theme park during Father’s Day weekend and had a great time at the park and the Portofino Hotel adjacent to it.  By staying at the hotel you get the free boat ride to the park and express passes to jump the lines to all the rides (insert evil laugh here).

     Before I go on I want to suggest that you do not get their meal plan which is about $20 for adults and $10 for the kiddos.  The price sounds good but limits you to just three fast food joints at Universal and three at Islands of Adventure and costs another $8 for a refillable cup that is only free refills at those same fast food joints.  Just eat where you want, when you want; don’t spend those Benjamins too early.  The Universal City Walk has great food alternatives like Moe’s SW Grill, BK, Starbucks, Bubba Gump Shrimp, and Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville, and many more.

     We enjoyed the rides such as The Men in Black where you get to fire your weapons at all the aliens and the Simpsons motion-coaster ride that is being torn apart by Simpson characters as you get thrown around in Springfield.  Spider-Man, Shrek, and the Nick-toons rides are also fun for adults and kids alike.  But the best, or at least most interesting tidbits we witnessed there?  Read on.

     The superheroes at the maybe-soon-defunct, (since Mickey Mouse owns them, its gotta happen), Marvel section have been needing costume makeover since about 1992 have finally got it.  No longer is Cyclops running around in his funny yellow underwear nor is Storm trotting around in that hideous, um, black thing she called an outfit.  These two characters, along with Rogue, Wolverine, and Captain America have got brand new outfits that include trench coats for Cyclops and Rogue, a newer slimmed down yellow suit for Wolvie and a fake black leather ensemble for Storm.  The Captain is wearing his new outfit from the comic books pages that look like blue armor.  Really cool.  Spider-Man and Dr. Doom were also parading around.

     Popeye and Bluto’s ride (really? You ask) was also a wildly amusing addition to our hot, hot day.  It began simple and fun enough as we climbed into that circular raft and put our belongings into the secure plastic cover in the middle of our craft.  When we got out to the water, however, we proceeded to get wet. And I don’t mean wet like a light sprinkle or even running twenty feet to your car in a downpour.  I mean wet from head down to totally drenched socks!!  I do not remember ever getting so soaked on any ride, ever!  I’m not discouraging you from this ride.  Just know that the chances for needing to change your clothes afterward are pretty high.

   The final breath-taking experience there was The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  The coolest thing for me was just walking around and taking in all the scenery.  The snowy village, the candy shop, and the wand shop with a salesman like you’ve never seen before were all spectacular.  I also have got to recommend that you try the butter beer, a delicious, cool treat for a warm day. The most amazing site there was Hogwart’s School, the most spectacular castle I have ever seen up close.  It is tall, dark, and extremely foreboding.  I want one!  After traveling around the castle you get to view the classrooms, Dumbledore’s office, talking paintings, and a 3-D image of Harry, Hermoine, and Ron warning you of the dangers that lay ahead.  Then you get to ride the ride!  You will get twisted and thrown around during a game of Quidditch, chased by a the dementors, swarmed by giant spiders, and attacked by an enormous, fire-breathing dragon.  Hold on to your butts for this one. 

     The castle and ride reminded how I would love to have a World of Hek amusement park one day, when Hek has become one of the most popular villains around.  It’ll happen.  What kind of ride would you expect from a wish made to Hek?  “I wish to Hek for the most amazing, scariest, fastest ride ever!”  What kind of ride would this be?  Would barf bags and diapers be passed out to its victims before they get strapped in?  I know it’s a dream, a wish, but that’s what I do best.

     If you’re looking for a great vacation spot, visit Universal this summer and if you’re looking for an excellent read, there’s always Frederick Douglass, Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, or some Marvel Comics.  Of course, there’s also The World of Hek series. 


Robert Ford knows a lot about wishes as he is the author of the wishes with an evil twist series, The World of Hek. TWOH, Book One: Forever, The World of Hek, Book Two: Savior, Fall of Grace (The World of Hek) and Christlike are available wherever fine books are sold and available for your Kindle or Nook at a new, lower price.  Coming soon: The World of Hek: Love Stories and The Curse of the Translucent Monster.


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Things have changed around here. I am now the published author by Trestle Press of “I Have Chrome Balls, Don’t You?” an “In Between The Collaborations”, “Down Low- Dead” with Vincent Zandri, “The Jersey Shore Has Eyes” with Big Daddy Abel”, “G.S.I Gelati’s Scoop Investigations Psychotic Detectives” with Thomas White, “Who Whacked The Blogger” with Benjamin Sobieck,“Thad and The G-Man’s Most Awesome Adventure” with Thad Brown , “Hotel Beaumont” with B.R. Stateham,  “Bring Us Your Living…Now!” with HR Toye, “The Edge of Cataclysmic” with Big Daddy Abel, “The Ultimate Six-Pack” ,”Fangs,Inc.” with Laurie Bowler and the soon to be released “A Prince in Trenton ,Seriously?” with Mark Miller . All the stories are available @ Amazon, Barnes & Nobles and Smashwords. I am also the host of the wildly popular The G-ZONE blogtalk radio show. Thanks for stopping by today; We will see you tomorrow. Have a great day.   http://www.gelatisscoop.blogspot.com





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