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At 11:19pm on March 30, 2010, Gaile Hughes said…
Hi Lindy,
I am a beginner writer, first few chapters down, I love that my characters are beginning to go off on their own tangents. I see we have a luv of all things Sci Fi, although I'm not a fan of the original Star Trek. Jack O'Neill is my favourite, although our earth bound NCIS's Jethro Gibbs runs a close second. DeMille's John Sutter really makes me chuckle. Any pointers for new writers please show me the way... cheers and good health Gaile (hmm or is that NCIS')
At 1:36pm on March 10, 2010, Amanda Wrangles said…
mmm, I thought it was about time I joined. I'm still trying to figure out how it all works. You know how useless I am at anything techno.
At 1:45pm on February 15, 2010, Karen Tyrrell said…
Hi Lindy,
Thanks for adding me. I came across this site by chance while searching for Marianne Delacourt's website. I LOVE this site!
I love the look of all your Books. You've been busy ... Cheers,Karen :))
At 5:01pm on November 18, 2008, Brian Kavanagh said…
Hi Lindy. My books are only available on line, as BeWrite only publish that way, being a small press. They are on Amazon etc., but if buying from Australia I suggest the best way is to purchase from The Book Depository in UK. They are really very good and postage is included, yet they are cheaper than Amazon. You can of course ask any bookshop to get them in, but that is expensive. Check out The book Depository,
or ask your library to purchase them! :-)
Hint: the City of Yarra has the three books, so you may ask your library to borrow them for you.
At 5:04pm on November 13, 2008, carole gill said…
Proscrastination is my dearest friend! I wallow in it sometimes. Of course I do have a couple of demonic acquaintances, too: Envy and Spite!
They do my head in--! I've just about subdued Proscrastination, but Envy and
Spite do pester me occasionally, along with Writer's B--(but I don't like to think about that)¬
seriously, thanks! and welcome, friend!
I have a few real friends on here--not folks I've met, but people I really liked, I'm sure you're going to be one, Lindy! I can tell.
At 1:39pm on November 13, 2008, Jackie Tritt said…
Thanks for that, Lindy - I'll try SinC-Oz.

At 1:22pm on November 13, 2008, Jackie Tritt said…
Hi Lindy

Good to 'meet' you. I live near Upper Beaconsfield, so not too far away, but I have a daughter in Balnarring and other family at Mount Martha, who would be closer to you on the peninsula.

A friend gave me Scarlet Stiletto, first cut, and I really enjoyed it, so well done. As for Sisters in Crime - I've been to some award nights and I don't know how many times I've sat down to fill in a membership form, but I've never actually completed one - always interrupted and never got back to it (story of my life, really).

Maybe I'll treat myself to a membership for Christmas - I just have to remember.


At 12:31pm on November 13, 2008, Jacqui Horwood said…
Birds of a feather, hey. We need to start a Procrastinaters Anonymous Support Group for writers!
At 6:55pm on November 12, 2008, carole gill said…
Hi Lindy!
of course Australia is the best country!
Just read your comment on the election and I loved it!
Yup, first time in a LONG time I was really proud of the US!
Still flying over the results!
At 10:32am on November 9, 2008, Brian Kavanagh said…
Hello Lindy,
Another Melbournite! And another cat person, although sadly I don't have a PC at the moment. Good to catch up!
At 6:30am on September 17, 2008, Wilma Vialle said…
Hi Lindy, I am in Prague at the moment, coming to the end of reading "Bleeding Hearts", which I brought from Oz with me. My apologies for using this forum, but Google didn't find an email address although I did find your website. You've probably been told this before, but there's a "continuity" problem in the book. In ch 25 (p. 485 in the version I have), Virginia's surname is referred to twice as Carter instead of Walsh. I hadn't encountered your work before and enjoyed this book immensely. I'll look forward to catching up with the others when I get back home.
At 3:29pm on August 5, 2008, Luis said…
Hello, I'm glad that you added me. I'm sure that Australian true crime and U.S. true crime differ only in small, but entertaining ways! People are people, but contexts and circumstances really influence how people commit crimes, or at least how they are perceived.
At 7:06am on June 19, 2008, Jeannie Faulkner Barber said…
Thanks for being a friend. I just found Crimespace and everyone is so warm and congenial! This is such a neat website.
At 12:41pm on March 11, 2008, Vikki Petraitis said…
Hi Lindy - as you can see, I signed up!
At 2:19am on March 11, 2008, The Rural Writer said…
Thanks for the invite! You never know- I may it that way someday!
At 4:52pm on February 19, 2008, L.J. Sellers said…
I always wonder:
How many of the crime writers on these sites and list serves
(4MA, DorothyL, etc.) actually make a living from their books or short stories?
Not me . . . yet.
At 4:28pm on February 19, 2008, L.J. Sellers said…
Just saying Hi and getting to know other writers.
Stiletto sounds like a fun job (more so than the behavior
management books I edit...ick)
I just added Killer in the Family to my TBR list.
At 9:46pm on January 31, 2008, Geoff McGeachin said…
Hi Lindy,

Re your forum post on gay or lesbian spies/side kicks - not sure if you’ve read SENSITIVE NEW AGE SPY yet so I don’t want to give anything away but Alby has an interesting associate working in Canberra. And in FAT, FIFTY & F***ED! the hero-on-the-run travels north to meet up with an old high school buddy named Jack Stark, a highly decorated but dishonourably discharged Vietnam veteran turned heavily armed conspiracy freak, Stark is rumoured to be living in a booby trapped mountain top bunker with blond nymphomaniac twins for company and a pack of savage guard dogs for protection. Let’s just say a lot of things are not exactly as advertised.
At 7:31am on January 28, 2008, Mark Stevens said…
Antler Dust features a female guide in the Flat Tops Wilderness of western Colorado and a tangle between hunters and animal rights protesters.

Great reviews from The Denver Post, Aspen Times, Great Falls (Montana) Tribune and five stars on Amazon.

Just thought I'd pass that along...


At 8:44am on January 25, 2008, Jacqui Horwood said…
Hey, Lindy! Your page here is looking good.

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