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At 1:33pm on November 23, 2009, Sunny Frazier said…
1. Leave man at home.

2. Make him take care of wondercat.
At 8:42am on November 23, 2009, Sunny Frazier said…
We barely avoided Hurrican Ida and Roatan was literally "a wash" (rainy and no electricity). Loved Cozumel!
We got together later with the travel agent who pulled together the trip and pitched the idea of a mystery cruise. I came up with the title: Murder On the High Seas: A Cruise To Die For.
I heard today that the travel agent can pull it together by next fall. 7 days sailing the Mexican Riviera, leaving from Los Angeles, Carnival Splendour seems the probable choice, rates are approx. $350 inside cabin, $550 balcony.
You can see what we're talking about at
I'm suppose to get together with my cohorts in crime and come up with panels and programs so we know how many meeting rooms to reserve. Any ideas?
Is this too soon for anyone to plan? There wouldn't be any extra fees for the conference but we're going to try to negotiate with the ship to sell books. And there wouldn't be any silly rule about who's an author. In fact, I'd love to see small press publishers show up and show their wares!
Sunny Frazier
At 2:46am on September 20, 2008, Mari Sloan said…
Good luck! Write furiously! Looking forward to seeing you again soon. :-)

At 2:41am on September 20, 2008, Kelli Stanley said…
I've been meaning to send you two a card, Mari -- meeting you and your husband was the highlight of the trip!! :) I miss you both, and you will be at the top of my list to email when we get back to LA. :)
I'm on a deadline with my book (gotta finish it this weekend) ... and getting ready for Bouchercon. But we'll connect up soon!
Thanks again for the friendship, support ... and being you! :)
At 12:01pm on August 30, 2008, Kelli Stanley said…
Mari, I just found your incredibly sweet message (for some reason, my spam filter was seizing my Crimespace stuff) ... you are an ANGEL! :)

I am so looking forward to seeing you, and I'd love to have lunch with you, except for the fact that after Mysteries to Die For I'm scheduled for another signing in LA at The Mystery Book Store. :(

I'm bummed. But at least we'll get to hang out!! :) I'll bring you something extra special, too. :)

Take care, and I'm so glad we get to do a happy dance! :)


At 3:54am on August 7, 2008, Beth Groundwater said…
If I come out to LA in the future, I'll be sure to try to swing a visit with the LA Sisters in Crime. My husband's folks used to live in North Hollywood, but since they passed away, we haven't had as many reasons to visit.
At 2:20am on March 28, 2008, Alison Bruce said…
Hi Mari,

that's good to know, we don't know many other couples that do it like this, we run a b and b and share childcare so I get time to write and he gets to work on his band.
At least when you spend this much time together you know you won't be one of those couples that only realise they don't like each other when they retire! Good luck with everything you're working on, Alison x
At 11:45pm on March 27, 2008, Alison Bruce said…
Hi Mari,

Thanks for the feedback, we had great fun making this and hope we'll find the budget to do another sometime, Alison x
At 1:21am on March 24, 2008, Margaret said…
Mari, I'm happy as a lobste4r swimming in wine that you introeuced me to Crime Space. These people are great! My one regret is that I can't read all ofr their books at once. I wonder if the doctors could give me "fly-eye" implants....
At 5:56pm on March 23, 2008, Brian L Porter said…

Nice to meet you. Thanks for adding me.

At 6:21am on February 29, 2008, Michael Haskins said…
Mari, thank you. Hope to meet you in July.
At 10:11am on February 28, 2008, Michael Haskins said…
Mari, I sent the bookstore a press pacakage, again, last week and I am going to call tomorrow, before leaving for SleuthFest, and see if I can get a signing. Will let you know. Hope to see you there, if I make it. Do you know Heidi? Give her a call in support, if you do.
At 10:20am on February 25, 2008, Margaret said…
Aw, shoot! I was hoping you would think it was me. Maybe I could have gotten by with it, except for the sunglasses.
At 4:18pm on February 17, 2008, L.J. Sellers said…
Keep me in mind if you need a good fiction editor in the future. I have a great for fonts and layout, as well.
At 4:28am on February 17, 2008, L.J. Sellers said…
Just saying Hi
I am also employed full-time (as an editor), in addition to being a novelist. It makes me jealous of all these other writers who seem to have more time to network than I do.
Good luck with your writing.
At 6:18pm on February 14, 2008, Merrill Young said…
Can't type though- apparently.
Or spel.......
At 6:16pm on February 14, 2008, Merrill Young said…
Huge, groveling apologies.
I just saw your comment buried I on my page from Dec 31.
Not rude, just vague......
Just finished being a student again at ripe age of 52. Glad you like the tunes- I'm a bit slow, but can strill boogie.
BTW I'm the proud servant of 2 siamese/manx X cats
At 5:04pm on February 13, 2008, carole gill said…
you and your family (including the cat) sound great! you have a nice maniac. it makes all the difference. by the way, i love your page. just checked spooky out. He's lovely!
At 4:14am on February 13, 2008, carole gill said…
thank you. I love your quote about marrying a maniac. I actually did. My first husband! totally certifiable! but second is an angel at least.
the puppies are great. so cute but so much work!
At 11:57am on February 11, 2008, Mark Stevens said…
Thanks for the connection and I certainly hope things go well for you! I think some of us take our eyesight for granted. We probably take LOTS of things for granted, come to think of it. Take care,


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