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At 1:46pm on October 2, 2010, Richard M. Rolfsness said…
Hello, see you have done well for yourself,nice career. Mine has been fine too but I require your assistance with a minor problem. My current wife and I need to produce documents for for the Arch Diocese's of Seattle. What I need is a letter stating that we never had a sexual relationship with out birth control and had no intention of re-creating ourselves. It should be notarized. Would like to still be your friend since we never divorced on bad terms.

With good wishes for you your ex
Richard M Rolfsness aka Duke
At 6:51pm on September 8, 2010, Siobhan C Cunningham said…
thank you for the friend link. :-)
At 9:39am on September 23, 2009, RONALD FEASEL said…
dang u live by that view
At 2:31pm on September 8, 2008, L.J. Sellers said…
Hi Janet
What a great background you have for writing crime novels!
At 11:56am on July 17, 2008, Nancy said…
All is well here. Hot as usual for July.
Sonja is married and is in Lampasas, Texas. She is a Vet Tech and works for a private vet there. Her husband, Daniel, is a manager for a large cattle company. He is a tall, lanky cowboy. They have a nice place down there and are looking at moving out to the ranch later.
Charlie has been retired for 8 years and loves it. He still has the cows and calves, the garden and all the hay and alfalfa. He takes the boys to Canada every June for a week of fishing and is taking them to Argentena to hunt doves in October. We have done some big vacations and are going on an eastern cruise from Montreal to Boston in Sept to see the fall leaves!.
Jason is married to Amber now 7 years and have our first grandbaby, Samantha, who is 11 months old. She is a doll and we get to see her often. The kids live just north of Emporia. Amber is a business teacher at Emporia High and Jason is still with the US Fish and Wildlife---as a fire fighter. He is out of Hartford, KS Reserve and is in Austin, Nevada, right now, fighting fires there.
I am still at SVHC. ..still 7P to 7A Charge. All is the same but many changes coming. In June when Sonja was here, we went by the old houses and the shop. She was so excited to hear I found you. I need a personal email and phone, so I don't have to get on here to talk with you.
My cell: 620-437-6688
Call me and we can get this up to snuff.
SO GLAD I FOUND YOU. Need to listen this weekend and see you interviewed!!!!!!!!!
Later, Love, Nanc
At 10:28pm on June 19, 2008, Burl Barer said…
Janet McClellan will be interviewed LIVE on TRUE CRIME AND...this Saturday June 21st 2pm PDT. Listen Live by clicking this link when the show is on!
At 1:37pm on May 30, 2008, Nancy said…
Janet, Would love to hear from you. Too many years and murders gone by. Sonja says hi!! she would love to hear from you, too!!
At 1:36pm on February 26, 2008, Janet McClellan said…
Hi Georgi. I am pleased you like Lynne, I did too. I think she has a lot of possibilities. I will miss Tru but I think she has been retired long enough that going back to her would be a bit difficult. I enjoyed doing the romance, it was harder than I had realized to do as a plot point. I hear what you say about actual pages vs virtual, I too still like to have a book in hand rather than an electronic device. Call me old school...:)
At 2:36am on October 25, 2007, Janet McClellan said…
I am pleased to find you ... or that you found me.
What an adventure you are having!!! I would love to see Scotland some time in my future and I love the name of the place... terrific!
Will send pvt email later today... got to get ready for Research Methods course this morning and the intricacies of measures of dispersion...I fear it may not keep them from going glazed eyed
At 1:36am on October 25, 2007, ruth said…
I can perhaps put the rifle away and rest a little easy now - maybe get back to some reading. Thanks for the comment on the photo - i suppose it would make a good book cover - it is actually the house I now live in - at the time - there was no water or electricity, so you can understand why reading took a back seat.

Thanks for the invite.
At 12:03am on October 25, 2007, Caro Soles said…
Hi Janet-- Thanks for inviting me here. Looks interesting. Alaska, eh (as e say in Canada)? I was soooo upset when I had to pull out of B/Con this year. It ws to be the penultimate stop on by year long book tour for DRAG QUEEN IN THE COURT OF DEATH. Ah well. Best laid plans....

At 11:58am on October 24, 2007, Janet McClellan said…
Hey Ruth! Hi, sorry about all the cost and effort you went through but I am glad you are persistent. Award for effort and persistence should garner at least a gold star... am checking to see how I might add one here for you... :)

I was teaching in upper state New York and working on PhD (now, there is an adventure!)... Moreover, I am currently teaching at the University of Alaska Fairbanks in a great program. We have a fully online Masters Program, so I am teaching both undergrads and graduates now (thus the plot for the PhD.

I have my own little NING site if you are interested at http://researchincrime.ning.com/ if you are interested in looking at it... has some of the research and articles I have focused on over the last several years.

Now, to the questions...
a) Yes, I am still writing and have several "plots" on the burner but it has to wait for summer ... and mostly had to wait until I got the dissertation out of the way... (That is a long story...lol and project)

b) The next Lynne Fhaolain aka Cloud City book is the major project for this summer, so I would hope (there is that word) that I should have her ready for her next adventure by fall 2008

c) Tru North is alive and well but was also subject to my academic pursuits, poor thing, but she is still out there catching the bad guys in Kansas City Missouri and will be returning but not until probably December of next year... her new adventure is further along but Lynne's has been taking much of my free time (such as it is) this last summer

d) The last 4 years have been quite interesting... I had decided that I wanted to teach in higher education with a serious focus and use some of that real life stuff as a focus in a dissertation.... teaching grad school requires the PhD ...so, I shifted gears and thus, the women of mystery got a bit short-shifted... but, I am back on track (so to speak) and will see if there is a publisher out there who might be interested.... I would prefer not to self-pub ... but we shall have to see...

As for the menopausal thing...yes, I can appreciate that, I was a bit precocious in that regards... early early.... And of course, afterwards, my attitude returned to its normal "sweetness and light"...OK, it was never sweetness and light but I am a bit less likely to require air conditioning in high winter now

Good to hear from you... yes, I promise not to drop off the face of the earth again... actually, it was a bit more like traveling a large area...Oregon to NY state and then back again and now to Alaska...Frankly, when I ended up here, I was a little worried that maybe the spirit of Tru North had a sense of humor and that’s why I am this close to "true north" literally now...LOL
At 11:27am on October 24, 2007, ruth said…
Four years and more tracking you down - the cost of phone calls to Florida (Naiad) was bad enough, then there was the cost of dial up to track you via the internet - so I go the whole hog, I get broadband... finally, three days searching through these pages..

Do I get an award for effort? Simple answers to straight forward questions:

a) Are you still writing
b) When is sequel to Cloud City coming out
c) What happened to Tru North

Will you self-publish or locate a new publishing house?

Thanks for your time.

And, yeah, I do appreciate the time it would take to do a PhD, so you can be forgiven. However, I am now menopausal and, I got me a rifle license, so, could you please maybe find time to answer the questions and maybe not drop off planet earth again.
At 10:20am on October 19, 2007, Bruce Findleton said…
Hey Janet,

Thanks for the friendly greetings. -Bruce
At 2:27pm on October 16, 2007, Janet McClellan said…
Hi Karen,
Well, just got here in August, so I am very new yet. The dissertation is complete, done, done, done!!! Actually, I am awaiting comments back and recommendations but the big deal is done, the rest is cleanup. I had not heard about the new publishing house.... I will try to find out. Perhaps we could grab coffee while you are up here.. if not, don't worry about it... it is just nice to know that a 'chatter' interested in the same thing is near by... -Janet
At 2:23pm on October 16, 2007, Karen J. Laubenstein said…
Hi Janet -- didn't realize you were in Alaska! How is that working with the Ph.D. program??? I'll be in Fairbanks on Oct. 26 when Dana Stabenow gets the Alaska Artist of the Year from the Governor. Not sure where that is happening yet. I'm in Anchorage. Have you heard about the 40 Below new publishing house just starting up? I'll look for your site on crime research investigation - really interested. -Karen
At 2:12pm on October 16, 2007, Janet McClellan said…
Hi. Thank you for being so gracious about my postings. It is nice to chat with you. If you are interested I have a space in NING titled c'rime research investigation' ... it has copies of some of the articles I have published in the last couple of years and a couple little notes about my murder mystery series..(which awaits the summer time for a new start-up)

Best to you and yours.
At 2:08pm on October 16, 2007, Karen J. Laubenstein said…
Hi, I liked your posts in the forums before I finally meandered into your page and read more. Amazing bio and sounds like a very, very busy life. Glad to find you on Crimespace.
At 3:27am on September 29, 2007, Janet McClellan said…
Thanks Peg, that is very kind.
I look forward to our conversations.
At 12:55am on September 29, 2007, Peg Brantley said…
WOW. What a background. Awesome. You are definitely an over-achiever and I'm a bit jealous. At least I get to count you as a friend on crimespace. ;-)

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