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At 4:52am on February 5, 2012, Dick C Waters said…


You asked for a chart to show Legacy vs Indie royalties. I sent it to your email account. I hope you can use it.

If you did not receive it, please let me know here.



At 8:19am on January 20, 2012, Dick C Waters said…


I finished "Shot of Tequila" last week. I found it a very interesting read. Not to ruin it for other readers, but the ending surprised me.

Thanks for sharing your work, and I don't have to wish you success, but have some more.

Dick C Waters

At 3:30am on February 5, 2010, Dana King said…
Links in blogs discussing the Amazon/Macmillan controversy led me back to your blog. Lucky me. You and John Scalzi summed up the situation as well as anyone. My thoughts about publishing in general have been evolving, and your writing is making me re-think several things, and discard a few ideas that no longer have currency. Thank you for that.

While I was there I read through your posts for the past month or so. There's a string of three (Luck You, What I Know, and Resolutions) that aren't just informative, but inspiring. I debate from time to time whether I want to put up with what writers seem destined to put up with nowadays; reading these posts has me revved up again.

Thanks again.
At 3:51am on August 21, 2008, carole gill said…
Hi great to see you here!
I read all of your very helpful writing advice and have finished somethng now!
just editing and revising at the moment.
thank you!
At 2:28pm on August 18, 2008, L.J. Sellers said…
Good to see you here. I've been enjoying your blog interviews and web page.
At 10:35am on August 16, 2008, Jon McGoran as D. H. Dublin said…
Hey JA,
Great new website, but you need more stuff about your latest Jack Daniels thriller, Fuzzy Navel!
At 9:36pm on April 2, 2008, Annette Dashofy said…
Hi, Joe. I'm new to CrimeSpace and was happy to see you here. I was part of the gang (along with Rebecca Drake) that took you out to dinner at Primanti's in Pittsburgh a while back.
At 1:01pm on March 7, 2008, Patrick Balester said…
Nice to see a familiar face. Loved your interview with Tess Gerritssen.
At 12:28am on January 31, 2008, robert walker said…
Hey Joe,as always innovative and ahead of the curve, and I am not talking about your stomach showing up around a corner before the rest of you, but rather I am speaking of ADs on your freebie E-books. I want an ad right there, my man. You are the man! Need details. Size matter? Cover Art OK, I would imagine. Photo of me and Pongo, OK? etc.

Rob Walker
esteemed friend of JA Konrath who can attest that th eman indeed has a "fuzzy navel." See y'all at Love is Murder at the Scotch tasting room.
At 5:19am on November 25, 2007, Allan E. Ansorge said…
See you at LIM, I owe you an adult type beverage, I never got over to the Mobil Station
At 4:39am on September 25, 2007, Mark Terry said…
No comments since July? Well, I guess I took care of that.
At 2:25am on July 9, 2007, Michael W. Sherer said…
Just finished "Whiskey Sour." Loved it. Enjoyed vicariously visiting old haunts. What motivated you to write from female POV?
At 7:40am on May 10, 2007, Meredith Anthony said…
Joe, I LOVE the video with the fruit bat! It ROCKS! Especially the arterial spray. What's wrong with Hyperion? What's not to like?
At 2:18pm on April 22, 2007, Karyn J. Powers said…
Hi Jon, how's the liver holding up? I mean how's the book tour going? Attended your session in Madison WI last year, and enjoyed it very much. Will you be swinging through our fair state again?
At 1:43am on April 5, 2007, CT said…
Just wanted to say Hi
At 6:35am on March 27, 2007, Carol Davis Luce said…
BTW, Happy Belated Birthday!
At 4:00am on March 24, 2007, Carol Davis Luce said…
Hi Joe, thanks for befriending me on this great new website.
At 3:58pm on March 18, 2007, Jeremy Lynch said…
Looks like Jon has been watching Star Wars again.

Here is a non Sci-Fi movie qoute:
I've seen it coming for some time. Cocaine is no damn good for anybody.
The future. .
The future is grass. Grass, buddy!
I have 60 tons of Thai stick coming in.
It's on the way.

Raul Juila R.I.P.
At 1:11pm on March 17, 2007, Sean Chercover said…
Yea, Joe! Nice to see you here. What's on your hat?
At 11:04am on March 17, 2007, tashaalexander said…
Don't you have a picture from LIM--last year, I think?--where you had a pint glass full of scotch?

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