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At 5:06am on April 4, 2007, Robert Boris Riskin said…
Love your taste in crime.

And doing drywall is not fun but we gotta eat and pay the mortgage.
At 6:01am on April 2, 2007, Miss DaMeaner said…
You tease. The podcasts are great but now I neeeeeeed more. More. More. Now. Now. Now. *wave* What. Am I being too aggressive?
At 8:18am on March 29, 2007, Robert Gregory Browne said…
Hey, Shannon. I love your podcast. Just got finished listening to the one of Hollywoodland. Good stuff.
At 8:34am on March 28, 2007, Pari Noskin Taichert said…
Bonjour et bienvenue.

Little known secret: some of us speak Francais in Nuevo Mexico.

Cool to meet you, Shannon.
At 6:43am on March 27, 2007, Kevin Burton Smith said…
Yeah, this "friend" thing is weird. Like, I know you, you know me, so being "friends" is no big whoops. But who the hell are some of these other barflies?

I've checked out some of their bios, and they don't seem to write or read or have any connection to crime fiction at all. And these other mokes who use a corporate logo as their photo? They're probably the ones drinking Shirley Temples and white wine spritzers.

Let's hope they stay at their end of the bar.
At 6:34am on March 27, 2007, L. A. Starks said…
Super. Thanks for your kind words.


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