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At 5:33am on July 30, 2008, carole gill said…
thanks so much Sue.
I think unfortunately so many authors are only trying to get where the market forces leads them or perhaps they are seeking to produce a commercially loveable work.
I wish it weren't so.
I've seen my w.i.p. change--alter a little before my eyes. not that I in anyway can even aspire to the heights of other more capable authors!
But in a small way, I'm proud of my very minor sea change--I'm just beginning my final draft now and will see where it goes--
as for you, sue! I so admire your work for better, more socially committed fiction--raising awareness and so on. wow. carry on!
yes, do stop by when you have time.
I know what you mean about this site--it's so easy for me to get distracted and run amok! My favorite thing on here is the Forum, but it can get very time consuming!
anyway, thanks for your note and take care.
all the best!
At 7:01pm on July 19, 2008, carole gill said…
I admire very much what you've contributed to the discussion about crime fiction.
thank you, Sue.
Just had to personally say hi and to thank you again.
At 11:35pm on July 3, 2008, P.M. Newton said…
Hi Sue,

We met at the Literary Art of Murder conference in Newcastle earlier this year - hope you are having a warm and lovely summer.


At 11:08pm on January 18, 2008, helen black said…
Would you go to Harrogate again#.
My publishers have suggested I go but I don't wnat to be a Johnny no mates.
HB x
At 10:37am on October 24, 2007, Lyn LeJeune said…
Sue-Greetings: Just to let you know that my New Orleans noir mystery, The
Beatitudes, has received 5 starred reviews! I am donating all royalties to the New Orleans Public Library Foundation to help rebuild the public libraries. I have posted Chapter I on my blog Please read and if you like it, help rebuild a library for NOLA. Thank you Lyn LeJeune
At 5:14am on August 19, 2007, Lyn LeJeune said…
Okay, that does it...I'm planning Harrogate for next year. I just signed with an agent last week who is based in Ireland. Not for The Beatitudes and The Beatitudes Network, but for a thriller about poker, specicially Texas Hold'em. It was fun to write and I visited the casinos along the Gulf Coast and learned how to play!
At 10:14pm on August 18, 2007, Delphine Cingal said…
Should you decide to write your PhD on Fred Vargas, I'll get you in touch with her. She is a good friend of mine. I also know Daeninckx fairly well and have his email address. Don't hesitate t stay in touch.
At 5:18am on August 10, 2007, Lyn LeJeune said…
Oh please, how was Harrogate? My dream is to go and take my book. My book, The Beatitudes, is a paranormal thriller set in New Orleans. It will be out in the fall and I am donating all royalties directly to the New Orleans Public Library Foundation. Libraries support the infrastructure of a great city, so I have started The Beatitudes Network to promote awareness of the importance of public libraries in NOLA.
The blogsite describes the Network, has excerpts from The Beatitudes, recipes, and more. Merci mille fois. Lyn Lejeune.
Writers, please pass the word…’s for a good cause….don’t let the libraries of New Orleans or the US go the way of The Great Library of Alexandria. P.S. just posted an excerpt on my page here on crimespace.
At 4:59am on July 24, 2007, Tom Cain said…
Sue .. hope you enjoy Accident Man (which should still be available at paperback-style prices, on discount at Waterstones, Tesco, etc) ... I'll have my news from harrogate typed up in a day or two and on my blog ...
At 4:52am on July 24, 2007, Donna Moore said…
Sue - it was lovely to see you...if very briefly. I looked for you again over the weekend but couldn't see you in all the mass of faces! In answer to your question about foreign conventions the panels are quite similar in that some are good, some are bad. The best ones for me are where the moderator takes a back seat and where they vary the questions and do not just go straight down the line asking the same question to each panelist one after the other. Most of the other conventions I have been to tend to have 2 or 3 tracks going, so there are a couple of panel choices each session. This means that the sessions are not so full and a bit more intimate.
At 4:37am on July 24, 2007, Anne Brooke said…
Thanks for the add, Sue - hope you're okay in Oxfordshire - these floods are terrible ...


At 6:00am on July 23, 2007, Karen Meek said…
Hi Sue, nice to meet you at Harrogate and look forward to the write-up on europolar.
At 5:19am on July 14, 2007, Donna Moore said…
Sue - I shall be in Harrogate. Look out for a redhead with a crutch :o)
At 8:55pm on July 12, 2007, Thomas Bauduret said…
Fred Vargas is a really nice person, and her sister too — a really talented artist. Haven't heard about this CWA speech though, I hardly knew she was tranbslated into English. Ever tried Brigitte Aubert ? She's another of my favourite…
And yes, M. Hatadi, I'm from Ye Olde Europe. Cheers !
At 8:32pm on July 12, 2007, Tom Cain said…
If you like Fred Vargas, you should have heard her speech at the Crime Writers Association dinner last week. Well,, 'speech' isn't quite the right word, more a long - oh, so lo-o-o-ong - surrealist ramble that had the audience wondering whether she was drunk, stoned or just nuts. She was, however, VERY funny and, amazingly, got away with what was, essentially, a 15-minute stand-up show. Anyway, many thanks for inviting me - happy to accept.
At 7:01pm on July 12, 2007, Pat Mullan said…
Hello Sue,

Greetings from Connemara - your next door neighbour :-) :-) :-)

Slan, Pat.
At 6:04pm on July 12, 2007, Donna Moore said…
Thanks for the invite Sue - you live in a lovely part of the country.
At 9:36am on July 11, 2007, Daniel Hatadi said…
Hello Sue, thanks for the kind words on Crimespace. If you'd like a quick description of it, you can find that on the front page near the top left. There is also a press release that you can use, complete with logo.

Crimespace has a number of European members on board, but it would always be great to see more!
At 4:21am on July 10, 2007, Barbara Fister said…
I'm halfway through Vargas's Wash This Blood Clean from My Hand and enjoying it a lot. I read Seeking Whom He May Devour first, and wasn't at all impressed. I think the difference for me is that there's much more of Adamsberg in this one, and it takes a more centralized point of view to buy into her rather strange world. For me, anyway.
At 1:37pm on July 8, 2007, Karen from AustCrime said…
Hi Sue

Sydney's quite a distance from Melbourne - about 1 hour's flying time - but if you happen to swing through Melbourne - let me know.

In terms of our local writers - you can't go past the marvellous Peter Temple, Garry Disher, Shane Maloney, Leigh Redhead, Katherine Howell, Adrian Hyland, and many more - if you wander over to my site it will give you some lists to be going on with.

Regards Karen C

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