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Review: Stalk Me by Richard Parker

That evening began much like any other.  Luc and Beth Jordan on holiday, not only recuperating from an attack on Beth by a mugger, but taking a break from the stresses of purchasing their new home.  They were on their way to have dinner at a favorite restaurant, Beth at the wheel, and Luc amused at something on his cell.  The road ahead was clear, and…


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Suspense thriller authors

I've forgot about this website.  Sorry.  Our CONNECTIONS trilogy is now finished.  It started with "The Imperial Connection" and then "Well Bred Connections, and we're proud to announce we've self-published the third, "Hidden Connections."  If you like suspense and romance at the same time, we're the writers for you.  Right now we have our first novel, "The Imperial Connection" for free.  Go grab it and give us a review.  If you review it (good or bad) we'll send you a free transcript of our…


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I know it’s hard to believe, but there are some people out there, writers among them, who don’t believe a condition like writer’s block really exists.  They think it’s a myth, a grandiose theory perpetuated by the lazy, the liars, and the plain bone-idle, and by those airy-fairy arty-farty types - the dilettante - who like the idea of writing and love the idea of being known as a writer, but in reality just don’t have the stomach for the genuinely hard work of conceiving, writing and…


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Ignore The Pain

I love authors, I really do. However a very few of them...well, let me explain

I'm sitting in front of my computer this morning wondering what topic I wanted to discuss. Should I throw up another Adult Truth? Or another taekwondo life theme? How about I introduce my new series of blogs on Tourist Complaints and how they relate to my life. Or maybe even the new series of restaurant reviews featuring some of my books' characters.

Suddenly, (and I know an…


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Pauline Rowson entertains the National Trust with tales of murder, mystery and DI Andy Horton

On Thursday 20 February I was delighted to entertain the volunteers of the Southampton and District National Trust.

I talked about the inspiration behind the DI Andy Horton series of crime novels, where I get my ideas from, and how I write the…


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Just a little over a week until the release of the new STRIKE PRICE. Can't wait!

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Whose story is it? Pauline Rowson discusses viewpoint

Whose story is it? That is a question every writer needs to ask him or herself before starting to write a novel, or if not then certainly while writing and revising it. From whose viewpoint are you telling the story? Is it single viewpoint or multiple viewpoint? Is it male or female or a mixture of both? Beware the latter though and having too many viewpoints because that will not only muddle the story and slow it down but it will also confuse you, and more importantly the…


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One side of everything is what I like to call first-person singular.  So, not ‘Tom, Dick, or Harry did this, that, or the other,’ but ‘I did this, I did that, I did. Me.’  One side of everything is exactly what a writer shows to a reader when they write in the first-person, and while this approach may, at first glance, seem to offer a very narrow and limited range of creative options, in many circumstances what could be viewed as a handicap can actually be an…


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Around the Globe with D. R. RANSDELL

So, I have to watch it on the roads this morning because (and this will be no surprise to many readers) it snowed again! Blech! This is why it took me so long to get home and be able to hop in the transporter to pick up this week's featured author. Where are off to? Anywhere there isn't snow, which omits most of the continental United States.

Ms. Ransdell manipulates…


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What comes first - plot or character? Pauline Rowson discusses

The answer is that the two are so interlinked it is difficult to say what comes first. The characters drive the plot but in order to create the characters you must have an idea what the plot is about.

In my case, in respect of the DI Andy Horton series of novels, this is usually a location…


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try this one--word of the day

Boyar--it was new to me...

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January's Best Reads (of the books I read in January, not those released)

January was a real good month for reading. Let’s get to it.

The Glass Key, Dashiell Hammett. Said by many to be Hammett’s greatest, and I see why. Loyalty, betrayal, politics, and sex interwoven in a story…


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The Snork Effect

Snork effect pic One of the early blogs I wrote (on another blog site) discussed a certain college (that shall remain nameless) who refused my offer of an author appearance. One of the reasons mentioned in the person's email was the fact that my first two books were eBooks and the quote was: “Ebooks don't count”. This was a statement saying that eBooks weren't quality material. I suppose as opposed to the…


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In theory, writing dialogue should be one of the easiest things in the world.  It should be like breathing, blinking, and breaking wind – real-world talents that every one of us shares (although some of us are far better at the latter than others).  After all, we mostly all talk a great deal, and we mostly all hear others talking (sometimes far more than we might want to), in our day to day lives, at work, and on TV, so we can’t really claim that it’s something of a major challenge to simply…


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Lisa Haselton interviews me.

Lisa blogs about literary matters and reviews books. Her interview with me appeared today.


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Crime author Pauline Rowson entertains the lively ladies of the Young and Heart Club

I had great time entertaining the ladies of the Young at Heart Club (part of Brandon Care) on Wednesday 5 February. They certainly lived up to their name. They were a very lively bunch.

Against the backdrop of fierce winds, torrential rain and thunder I talked about murder mystery and mayhem. Very appropriate

I spoke of how I get the ideas for my…


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How NOT to Write a Bestselling Thriller (With John Dolan)

Today, I welcome one of my favorite thriller writers both on and off the page – John Dolan.

John Dolan is fun. He’s dry, he’s politically incorrect – two traits that do it for me the way a pair of big breasts and a small vocabulary do it for some guys. In my review of his wonderful…


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What's on in February - DI Andy Horton (8), Death Lies Beneath published in paperback and audio book, talks and writing

February sees the publication in paperback of Death Lies Beneath,the eighth in the series of British Police Procedural crime novels featuring the flawed and rugged detective, DI Andy Horton. It has also be released as an unabridged audio…


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Monuments Men & Hunsicker's new book

I am looking forward to seeing Monuments Men, written by Robert Edsel & directed by George Clooney. And I am delighted to hear about a new book from Harry Hunsicker, a thriller called The Contractors.

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