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Lee Goldberg's new Monk book/giveaway/mystery short story

New issue of Kings River Life up with a review of Lee Goldberg's latest Monk book-"Monk on the Couch", a talk with Lee about the book & a chance to win a copy http://kingsriverlife.com/07/30/lee-goldberg-mr-monk-on-the-couch/

There's also a fun mystery short story by Linda Reid called "A Second Chance"… Continue

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Should Some Children be Diagnosed a Psychopath?

Today it seems that we are so careful to be politically correct about some things that need to be addressed from a psychological and clinical point of view.  The thought of a small child or a teenager being diagnosed as a psychopath leaves of us cold and most don’t want to even approach the idea.  I absolutely shudder at the…


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The Skillful Art of Interrogation

As with many things these days, the word “interrogation” has been replaced with “interview”.  I like to call it what it is, an interrogation.  Interrogative procedures are used to obtain a confession, admission of guilt, or illicit helpful information from a suspect in regard to an investigation.

In my…


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Blog Link

Please feel free to check out my blog at http://www.mjmccann.com/apps/blog/. I'd love to read your comments as I document my journey down the road of self-publishing the Donaghue and Stainer Crime Novel Series. It's a helluva trip, so come on over and check it out.

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Around the Globe with YVONNE EVE WALUS

With Iowa enduring a July heat wave, I so want to get in my transporter and go to someplace cool to interview this week's author. However, the controls are jammed and I'm stuck. So this week's questions are asked and answered hrough a series of instant messages. Where is my author? I'll let her tell you.

1. Who is Yvonne Eve Walus and what makes you the most fascinating person in your city?

Hi! I’m writing this on my laptop at one of Auckland’s boat clubs. The sun… Continue

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Nearly finished the first draft of the next DI Horton crime novel, number 8 in the series, number 7 out early next year

I've now written 70,000 words of the next DI Andy Horton marine mystery crime novel which will be number eight in the series.  Number seven, A Killing Coast, is scheduled for publication in hardcover early in 2012. As soon as I have the jacket image and more information on the publication details of A Killing…

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Ah, Yes…But What Exactly Is A Bestseller?

Have you ever asked, what exactly makes a book a bestseller?  Or, perhaps otherwise put, exactly what’s in a bestseller?

You know, ALL those books out there, one after another, that CLAIM to be…a bestseller.  This bestseller.  That bestseller.

I recently put that question to Sheridan Simove, best selling author of What Every Man Thinks Apart From Sex, a “novel” the content of which consists of–and only of– 200 BLANK…


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Julia Madleine "Fear the Night" -Paul D. Brazill's "Drunk on the Moon" series

The game plan for this series is to drop in a new episode once every three weeks. The schedule is tight; the authors are willing and the franchise moves forward full speed ahead. Paul D. Brazill has to be pleased with the many positive reviews he has received and the rankings he has enjoyed: not just here in the U.S.A. but also in the U.K. He has charted for sales in the Top 100 of Amazon for his category on both. My hope one day is to nail this busy guy down so I can pick his brain on my…


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Harrogate Crime Festival Roundup

(Cross-posted from Imaginary Friends blog)


This year was the first time I attended the Theakston’s Old Peculier Crime Writing Conference at Harrogate (so called because it’s named after the beer brewed by the sponsoring brewery), and a last-minute decision to attend meant I got a day pass for the Saturday, even though the conference ran from Thursday to Sunday.…


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My Interview with J. Carson Black - Part Two

J. Carson Black is the bestselling author of seven novels, including her Laura Cardinal series, which currently has under three titles under its belt.

She has a total of 12 books; seven published and also one short story. Her Laura Cardinal series has three books in the series: Darkness on the… Continue

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Open for submissions

I run a site called 'Guilty Conscience' and on top of posting reviews, interviews and competitions and will now be hosting your short fiction.

It can be Crime, Thriller, Horror, Noir, Mystery or Supernatural/Science-Fiction.

No fan-fiction. It must be your own work and characters.

I'll accept stories published elsewhere, as long as it was over six months ago.



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I was interviewed recently by professional writer/blogger Gina McKnight, who does monthly interviews with authors. It was a fun experience. If any of you would like to read the interview, here it is!…

I was interviewed recently by professional writer/blogger Gina McKnight, who does monthly interviews with authors. It was a fun experience. If any of you would like to read the interview, here it is!

An Interview With Renown Writer Ronald S. Barak

Author of A Season For Redemption



Welcome, Ron, to…


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Heist of the (15th) Century

   I may be here under somewhat false pretenses, so let me begin by confessing before you beat it out of me with truncheons. I am not a writer of crime fiction - at least not yet. In fact, until a few years ago, I wasn't a writer of anything besides voice-overs for my numerous travel videos, and nasty and satirical responses to the idiots on various blog sites,usually political.…


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Author Marketing Online


It’s no secret that every author today has to market. Even the most successful authors today are marketing, big time, one way or another. The most successful may have publicists and marketing consultants helping them, but they all are getting down in the trenches as well. Not yet an established, branded bestseller? Then you may be the only one doing your marketing, but someone sure has to be doing it! It might not be as much fun (at least…


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Crime authors and experts lined up for CSI Portsmouth 2011, it's promising to be a great event

The speakers are now in place for the exciting CSI Portsmouth event on Saturday 5 November 2011 where, during a packed day, crime fact meets crime fiction as top crime authors and crime experts come together to debate crime, answer questions and provide the audience with an informative and entertaining day.

This will be the…

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James Reasoner/Lee Goldberg The Dead Man Series #5 The Blood Mesa

I have really taken a liking to this series. The author’s they have chosen thus far have given me an eclectic view of Mr. Dark and our axe wielding hero, Matt Cahill. Being an old-head like I am, the serialization of this series has made it a fun and engaging ride for me. Hopefully I won’t miss an episode; my e-reader will be less than happy with me. We can’t have that. If you haven’t get on board with this do so; sharpen your blade. Evil may be coming to you; hopefully your face will not…


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Talking about Chandler again

Another blog about Raymond Chandler.  This time Chandler not at his best.  But . . .

Check it out here:


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NEWSFLASH: Barry Eisler will be my guest on my blogtalk radio show, the G-ZONE, on Sept. 15th at 12pm EST to discussion his newest novel, The Detachment. The novel is releasing is being released on the 15th.Here is a bit more on the novel:


Available in ebook on September 15 as an Amazon Kindle exclusive and in paper on October 18 wherever books are sold


Preorder it now!

John Rain is back. And…


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Movies and Stories

First: a quick self-promo even though it is frowned upon - my story, Live Free or Die, Die, Die! was selected to appear in the crime/pulp/noir anthology of the same name scheduled for release this November.  I may even be asked to do a reading so I'll keep people posted.


Second:  I watched the movie Scarlett Street starring Edward G. Robinson of Little Caesar and The Public Enemy fame, as well as Joan Bennett and Dan Duryea.  I had no idea what I was getting into, having no…


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In Cold Daylight, a thriller, is dedicated to fire fighters. Guys I salute you, you do a great job and long may you continue to do so

Last night I attended a reunion.  They're not usually my scene, but this one was different.  It was in the fire station in Southsea and it was members of my husband's former watch, Red Watch, who had come together to wish one of their colleagues good luck as he retires from full time service to take a job share with another fire fighter (a new innovation in the fire service in the UK) as a fireman. It was a moving experience to step inside the fire…

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