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Lessons Learned

Last week I talked about sharing my experience. After this week I can add: call ahead to bookstores and prepare for the weather. I didn’t, and paid the price.

Bottom line: Good judgment comes from experience. Unfortunately, the experience usually comes from bad judgment.

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Paperback Release--Finally

My Roland Longville Series is finally being released in trade paperback editions; they will start rolling off the presses Oct. 14th, with two being released before Christmas, and the other three current titles in queue for next year. Very elated, to say the least.

Addendum: As of Oct. 9th, Season of the Witch is now in print, and will be available nationwide by Monday. Woohoo!~

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B-Con Schedule

As promised, my panel schedule for B-Con.

Fri 10/10 4:30pm A SINGER MUST DIE: Books that have a lasting impact - International B
Sat 10/11 11:30am HOOKED ON CLASSICS: Spillane, Himes, and Prather - International A
4:30pm DON'T FENCE ME IN Boundaries in Writing - International B

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Author Update

In some ways the last week has held its disappointments. A schedule malfunction caused my presentation on Book World News to be postponed. Then Friday I turned up at the Borders in Reagan National Airport only to learn that the general manager neglected to mention my signing to anyone else, so they didn’t have books for me to sign.

Saturday it poured all day so the Baltimore Book Festival’s author's tent didn’t get many visitors. Plus, we had the challenge of keeping our wares dry… Continue

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Off the Track While Keeping Track

Someone should have warned me that one of the most important things about being an author is having an efficient, extensive filing system. Not only do I have to keep track of what I named the girl next door who walks the dog in case I need her in the next book, I also need comprehensive lists of who showed up at my workshops and where they might want to hook me up with another engagement. Not only do I need elaborate timelines that include both real dates and the fictional events I've attached… Continue

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I am now a real author!!!!!

Felicia Donovan and I are about to release our joint effort: Cyber Crime Fighters, Tales From the Trenches. The publication date is 12/11/08 from Que Publishing, and it is very exciting. It all happened so fast - here's to hoping it is a hit! For more info;

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Food Noir

Restaurants aren’t just snow white tablecloths and smiling hostesses. While you’re out trying to have a good time, eat a nice meal, the owner is treading a thin line between giving you what you paid for and making a profit. Sometimes they cross that line. That’s where I come in. My name’s Sundae. I’m a health inspector.

It was hot the way only the Strip District can be hot. The seams in the pavement were as tacky as freshly chewed gum on the soles of my shoes. The smells of… Continue

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Weekly Blog - Monday 29th September

Last week I had the pleasure of attending my first ever book signing event, which occurred at the Norwich branch of ASDA supermarket on Saturday 27th September. Special thanks go to some of the staff at Asda for helping to make this happen: Ron Drewry, for flagging the fact that I was a local author to the branch manager in the first instance, Jo Mackenzie, for making sure that everything ran smoothly on the day, the irrepressible Big Rob, who acted as my ‘hype man’ by drumming up lots of… Continue

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Contract with Wild Child Publishing

Currently under contract with Wild Child Publishing for Sheryl Locke Holmes Mystery Series, which features Amber's Mysterious Death, Ruby's Deadly Secret and Opal's Disappearance. When I get more details, I'll post them. Until then, let's dance.

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Countdown to B-Con: The List is Law

The mad panic of trip prep has officially begun. I’ll be leaving for NYC on October 7th. From there I’m taking a train to Baltimore for B-Con and then after that it’s back to NYC and off to Germany to promote the German edition of MONEY SHOT, called… Continue

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Someone's stolen my book title!

I opened the Sunday Times Culture Section this morning and scanned the television programmes for the week, looking for anything remotely interesting that I might be bothered to watch. Then I saw it. Someone had televised my thriller IN FOR THE KILL to be aired on Sunday 28 September at 9pm on ITV. Did I blink and miss signing the contract with the production company? Was I so drunk celebrating the option that I completely blacked out on this deal? Or… Continue

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Reminder and a writing tip

I've already told you that I'll wind up the weekend today signing books at the Borders Express in St Charles Town Center from 2 pm to 6 pm.

Meanwhile, it occurred to me the other day that teaching writing can be a bit like teaching driving. I tell fiction writers that in order to create good prose they have to be living in the moment they are writing. It's the same kind of focus you need to drive a car - living in that moment. And yet, you should always have some idea of the… Continue

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I am pleased to announce that actor Michael Madsen, of Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill, Donnie Brasco fame has agreed to play the lead character of James DeRossa in Deathryde: Rebel Without a Corpse. Madsen has always been a first choice for this role, but I was not sure he would would accept.

On to pre-production....

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Literary Festival Buzz

There was a buzz in the town of Havant in Hampshire (England) when I turned up this morning at Havant Arts Centre to give my talk. Not, I hasten to add, because I was speaking, but because of the wide range of interesting events being held. I am really pleased the literary festival is being greeted so enthusiastically because it is the first one to be staged in this area, and I know the organizers have worked tremendously hard to pull it off.

I wasn’t sure how many people to expect.… Continue

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Do you know your last rights?

Once again I'm taking a break from my own writing to put out a newsletter for our local branch of the Funeral Consumers Alliance. Josh Slocum, Executive Director of the national organization, will be the featured speaker at our annual meeting four weeks from tomorrow, and his talk is entitled "Do you know your last rights?" We're all about educating people as consumers of funerals and providing more affordable services through the funeral homes we contract with. A critically important mission,… Continue

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Find me in MD this weekend!

I already told you that I’ll spend today at the Baltimore Book Festival in the author’s tent.

I’ll wind up the weekend tomorrow signing books at the Borders Express in St Charles Town Center from 2 pm to 6 pm. The Mall is at 5000 Highway 301 S Waldorf, MD.

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Check out my new book cover for "WICKED DESIRE"!

A stalking ex-husband escapes from prison with abduction and rape on his mind.
A young woman on the run returns home to rebuild her life.
A small town sheriff offers protection and more.

Three lives entangled but only two will survive!

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Best Sales Ranking so far for 'A Study in Red'

My novel 'A Study in Red - The Secret Journal of Jack the Ripper' today reached a position of 10, 754 in the Amazon.UK sales rankings. It's been doing well, but this is the first time it's reached quite such a high position. when taking into consideration all the books listed on Amazon this is a real achievement for my humble Ripper novel, and I'm surprised and delighted to see it doing so well against the masive competition that exists on the site. I'm sure it'll soon tumble down the rankings… Continue

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Giving Radio Interviews

It's always a pleasure to do radio interviews, especially if you're having a bad hair day, and if you need to get up before the crack of dawn to arrive at the studio on time and haven't put on much make-up, or had a caffeine fix. Why? Because, of course, you've guessed it, no one can see you. Only now I'm going to break that rule by posting a photograph of myself and the presenter, Julian Clegg. He's a great guy and a very professional and talented… Continue

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Dying in a Winter Wonderland

Remember last week, when I posted about songs getting stuck in my head? Well, here's another one.

I'm part of a new anthology called DYING IN A WINTER WONDERLAND. It's very cool, and the profits go to Toys for Tots, which is also cool. The stories are all holiday-related; mine is called "Happy Holidays Times Three" and concerns three not-so-wise men who plan to profit from the holidays in a non-legal way. They run into a snag, however, in the form of a dead body that won't go… Continue

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