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Crime Writer Cruise

The line-up has solidified for Mystery on the High Seas, a Cruise to Die For. I'll be part of a panel discussion about "Putting Culture on the Page" and another panel about mysteries from "Hardboiled to Cozy." It's not too late to join me and a healthy crowd of mystery authors onboard the Carnival Splendour for this mystery-lover's cruise to the Mexican Riviera-…


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Blissfully blogless

Last weekend, my computer played up. Suddenly I couldn’t post the fascinating blog item I had written. I couldn’t update my Facebook page.

The computer gave me some kind of message about a “Flash” that had “crashed.” I’m old enough to remember the sputtering rockets of Flash Gordon in the 1950s series that was rebroadcast on the BBC in the early 1970s when I was a kid. That image held off my sense of powerlessness and frustration for about a half…

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The Innocent is Released!!!

Hello all:

My critically acclaimed novel from 1999 and 2000, The Innocent (formerly As Catch Can), the one The New York Post called "Brilliant" and The Boston Herald claimed was "The most arresting crime novel to break into print this season!" is now re-released by StoneGate Ink on Kindle and all E-Readers, with a second edition print version to be published in the Spring of 2011!… Continue

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Grind Joint

I started a new project this week and have a readable draft of the first chapter. Any comments or suggestions are appreciated. (I promise not to post the whole thing like it was a friggin serial; I’m just curious to see if people would want to read more after reading this.)…


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My Guest: Jason McIntyre, on Suspense!

Checkout my exclusive guest blog from bestselling thriller writer, Jason McIntyre!

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Guest Post Julian Adorney

Being Original

By: Julian Adorney

We’ve all read them. Stories with solid characters and a fast plot and vivid descriptions, but nothing to make them unique. Stories that we finish reading with the vague

sense that we’ve read the exact same story a hundred times before.…


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Guest Post Marvin Lindberg

Ponzied Guest Post

One of the joys in writing fiction is the development of a character that can carry the writer through the entire story. Sometimes that character isn’t

even there at the start of the novel. He

isn’t even there at the original outline of…


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Voice Exercise

A bit of my writing appeared recently on Authors Amok, a fun blog created by poet Laura Shovan. In Laura's words, the blog is "A Frenzy of Writing, Teaching and Parenting" and in a recent entry she talked about an author's voice. I did a little writing exercise with Laura at a writer's club… Continue

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PW Interview

Publishers' Weekly generously included my name in an essay on historical mysteries they ran this past spring. I was honored. The company was select, and it felt great to be in it. Now they honor me again: with an author interview -- a good interview that made me think about why I do the things I do, and why my books are set up the way they are. It's not that I'm a thoughtless author, but rather that each novel takes over and I'm not always aware of the larger picture or how I fit in with…


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The Medium, The Message, and The Man: HBO's Nucky Thompson vs The Novel's Nucky Johnson

The Steve Buscemi characterization of Nucky Thompson in the HBO show

Boardwalk Empire is a lesser man than his print counterpart, Nucky

"Johnson" in the pages of the novel, "Low Light." Both characters are

ambitious, shrewd, and when it suits their purpose, either magnanimous

or mean. But readers of Low Light get an entirely different picture than

viewers of the TV show.

1. The medium vs. the message. Prose and… Continue

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Soon to be unleashed upon the world, Glastonbury is coming ever closer...

Now, a little more about the story

Glastonbury – A modern…


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But I Don't Want to Edit Anymore!

I always edit my work many times before I show it to anyone else, knowing myself too well to assume I did it right the first time. Then I send it off and VOILA! someone wants to publish it. Yay!

Then come the edits.

As I read the editor's comments, I think, "Yeah, she's right. I should develop that character more," and later, "Wow. It's true, I left that chapter hanging." Farther on I think, "I really do need to clarify that plot point. She got me there."

What all this means, of…


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PUblishing Horror Story

Laura Ann Ford not only completed her novel but managed to get it published! Then, due to unresolved problems with her publisher, the contract was terminated -at HER request. She shares her story on my blog, Another Writer’s Life. This is an unusually long post, but I wanted you to hear about her experience in her own words, uncut, as a clear warning to those of us who want so…


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Author Update

Since my last newsletter I had a couple of fun book signings. At the start of Labor Day weekend I appeared at Borders in the Boulevard at the Capital Center in Largo, MD. Then on Labor Day itself I greeted homebound travelers at Baltimore Washington International Airport.…


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Apple Picking & Carnivals

Yesterday was a long day, long and lovely. Started off with the breakfast of champions (pancakes, courtesy of my mom) with my 8 yo niece.

The two of us then set out for a music filled two-hour drive to Ochs Orchard

in Warwick, NY. I’ve

only been apple picking once before, a very long time ago, and don’t…


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True Blood & HBO

Let me start off by saying that I am a huge fan of True Blood! I think Alan Ball is brilliant and all of the actors are so very, very talented. I also love coffee. I was very excited to find that the True Blood V coffee mug was finally available and ordered mine immediately.… Continue

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Sometimes life just gets in your way, steps into your path with flailing arms, screaming, and you can't ignore it.Please forgive my absence.I feel strongly about sharing something with all pet owners out there. My 9 year old female…

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Guest Post Jason McIntyre

A Non-Genre Writer's Look at Suspense by Jason McIntyre

What creates suspense?

Years ago, a film-maker friend of mine told me he wanted to try something radically

different with his next project: he wanted to shoot a story that had absolutely no conflict.

He told me he didn't want to have a…


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Double Top Ten Success for my Ripper Novels

I'm really proud and highly delighted today as I've just found out the my novel A Study in Red - The Secret journal of Jack the Ripper occupies not one, but two position in the bestselling 'Jack the Ripper' crime, Mystery, Thrillers chart at… Continue

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Sneak Preview

Prior to October publication, read the first chapter of A CANTERBURY CRIME, book four in Belinda Lawrence mystery series. From BeWrite Books.

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