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A golden nugget in this week's Round-Up is info of a paying market for Western short stories. There's an ode to Pennsylvania and an announcement for October's blurb fest: paranormal authors. Find more buried treasures for readers and savvy authors in the Round-Up.

Oak Tree Press—Help Us Grow!

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More 5-star praise for The Troubleshooter!

Deacon Pete posted this 5-star review of The Troubleshooter on Amazon: "Fast paced, lots of action, plenty of violence (for those who are looking for that), and a nice little romance cooking in the background. That's right, Hannibal Jones gets the pretty and smart girl in the end. Lots of gritty action scenes that are actually pretty well done. Hannibal gets beat up on a regular basis.…


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Denise Swanson, Rochelle Staab, Copper, short story & more in new KRL issue

As we move into the Halloween season Kings River Life Magazine is going to be featuring several books with a supernatural or scary twist. This week we are reviewing Rochelle Staab's book "Bruja Brouhaha", you can enter for a chance to win a copy & enjoy a video interview with Rochelle from this year's Left Coast Crime 2012




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Great Cop Movies: From Coast to Coast

The release of Gravesend this month got me thinking about some of my favorite police movies set in New York City and Los Angeles...depicting both good cops and bad cops.

Here is a short list.

(Listed chronologically, with year of release and director.  Some of the great novelists, non-fiction writers and screenwriters are named in parentheses.)

New York

The French Connection (1971) William Friedkin (Robin Moore)



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The Criminal Mind is Different

You probably have seen an episode of Law and Order: SVU or Criminal Minds during which the police psychologist explains a brain scan of an accused criminal to a packed courtroom.  It makes for great television, but does this premise reflect real…


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blogging the C3 Conference

Today I talk about the panels we’ll put together for our upcoming Creatures, Crimes and Creativity conference on my blog, Another Writer’s Life.

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Adult Truth #2

“Nothing sucks more than that moment during an argument when you realize you're wrong.”

Been there, done that. And let me tell you, there is no easy way to smoothly extricate yourself and still look cool.

Admitting you're wrong is difficult. Admitting someone is right can be, too.

This is especially true when it come to critiques about your writing.



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Another 5-star review for The Troubleshooter.

Kimberly Black posted a 5-star review of The Troubleshooter on Amazon: “This was my first read from this author and I fell in love with Hannibal Jones! Have already got another Hannibal Jones book downloaded but haven't read it yet. Very good!”…


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Teacher at Point Blank

Neil Webb had been my teacher and my colleague. He was used and eventually discarded by an educational system permeated by the belief that all teachers should be heroic, obedient, and utterly dedicated to their jobs and students every day of their work-lives, often at the expense of their personal lives. But this “perfect teacher” fantasy does not make allowances for imperfection or dissatisfaction. And asking a teacher to perform in this way ignores the passions and ambivalences that draw…


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Crime Scene Fire Investigations Team feature in crime novels and at CSI Portsmouth

The Hampshire Police Fire Investigations Officer DC Terry Fitzjohn and Watch Manager Andy Earl of the Arson Task Force will be appearing at CSI Portsmouth 2012 on the morning panel along with Crime Scene Manager Carolyn Lovell from Hampshire Police and crime authors, Matt Hilton and Stephen Booth and myself.…


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Last book read, so thought I'd share my thoughts via a review...

I enjoy some crime fiction, I enjoy some chick lit, and am always prepared to try something new.

This, I think, is the second in a series with detective Orwell Brennan. A novel by Canadian actor/TV writer Marc Strange. It's set in the little Ontario town of Dockerty. It's not the sort of place I'm familiar with, fictional or otherwise, but I got a good sense of it the book.

The plus points, well, the…


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Blog for writers

Today I discuss what makes a good cover letter for your novel submission on my blog, Another Writer’s Life - /

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Just for Fun - Can you solve this virtual murder mystery?

Super Sleuth Investigations 


it’s up to you to solve this new murder mystery.  Alexander Steele will provide you with clues and vital information along the way but he’s counting on your brain power and (virtual) legwork to solve this mystery.…


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New Review on

5.0 out of 5 stars Tight Writing, Tight Story, Creative and Entertaining
John R. Monteith "Author of Rogue Crusader, l... (Farmington Hills, MI United States) - …

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Another five star review for The Troubleshooter

Another five star review for The Troubleshooter

W. Banks posted this 5-star review of The Troubleshooter on Amazon: “Good read. Well written. Strong characters. Original and interesting plot. Lots of action to keep me reading way past my bedtime. Loved the story.”…


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Tickets now on sale for CSI Portsmouth 2012, where crime fiction meets crime fact

Tickets are now on sale for CSI Portsmouth 2012 taking place on Saturday 3 November at John Pounds Centre, Portsmouth, England, the third year of this popular event where crime fiction meets crime fact.

At this year’s CSI Portsmouth international crime authors Stephen Booth, Ann Cleeves, Matt Hilton and Pauline Rowson join Crime Scene Manager Co-ordinator Carolyn Lovell from Hampshire Police, DC Terry Fitzjohn…


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The Three Day Affair - Michael Kardos

The Three Day Affair is the debut novel of author Michael Kardos. It's also the first novel bearing the imprint of the newly re-launched Mysterious…


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We have a established a new crime imprint (NOT a vanity press!) called Grey Cells Press, and our first books will be coming out in the New Year 2013. We are still seeking submissions.

We are looking for most types of crime fiction, from the classic English

whodunit through to police procedurals and hardboiled detectives: Christie

to Chandler, Marsh to Mosley, Paretsky, Dexter and Tey and puzzles by Carr and

Crispin and Queen. We want well-written, satisfying work. It…


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James Patterson’s “I Michael Bennett” with Michael Ledwidge

Forbes lists him as one of the wealthiest men on earth.  Law enforcement lists him as one of the most ruthless drug lords on the planet. 

He is linked to approximately 700 murders in the past 3 years.  His enemies run to the witness protection program at the mere mention of his name.  If they don’t, they end up dead.


He has ordered the assassination of U.S. border patrol agents and their entire families.  Even a sitting judge is not immune to his…


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Another Great Review of The Troubleshooter

Alikat posted this review of The Troubleshooter on Amazon: "Troubleshooter is A-one on my list. This is an engrossing story of a man who is not exactly what he seems. I found the book easy to read and engaging… I hope other readers will enjoy this book as much as I did."…


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