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An Object in Motion

How do you catch a stalker who knows his victim as well as she knows herself and is bent on killing her slowly?

This is the question Oakland California's favorite Private Investigator, Rey, must answer.

Read the synopsis for the new short story An Object in Motion by Ronald S. Barrios on Rey Books

It will be available Feb 7, 2011 for…


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Nick Quantrill at SCENE OF THE CRIME

Nick Quantrill’s Joe Geraghty Books: The Incredible “Hull”

British author Nick Quantrill opened his PI Joe Geraghty series with the 2010 Broken Dreams, set in Hull, England. Here…


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Steve McQueen as Philip Marlowe?

Was Santa nice to you and yours? I hope so, and as we gear up to kiss 2010 good-bye, and none too soon (what a rough year!), I also hope you plan to make the new year ten times better than the old one. Heaven

knows it can't be any worse.


So waiting for me under the tree this year was a new Steve McQueen biography by Marshall Terrill, which is, in fact, a rewrite of another McQueen bio he wrote back in 1993.…


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BOILING POINT - Now available in print, e-book, or audio from!

My new novel is in bookstores at last! "Fans of the late Michael Crichton will enjoy Dionne's exciting second ecothriller . . . Crisp writing keeps the pace fast, and the tight interweaving of story lines bodes well for this author's future efforts." — … Continue

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25 reasons...

Possibly with too much time on my hands I've collected over at my blog 25 reasons to read The Caretaker of Lorne Field.

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It's the end of the year, did this year go by fast for everyone or was it just me? I can't wait for the new year, 2011 look out, haha. I thank God for a great 2010, wife, family and friends. There were ups and downs as there usually are but I can honestly say I wouldn't change a thing becuase I know God is in control and everything works out so I look back with a smile on the good and learn from the bad and keep it…


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Digital short Satrurday A.J. Pompano The Sanibel Slouch (My Fisrt Kindle Read)

I know it isn’t Saturday, and yes I am happy to admit that The Sanibel Slouch by A.J. Pompano is the first read on my new Kindle. Am I trying to brag? No, I am fortunate to have received it as a gift from my

children. What I am trying to do is bring this blog and my reading habits up to

speed. I had plenty of doubts about whether I was going to enjoy using this

device to read. I mean to not hold a book in my hands and enjoy it. I have to

say it was a…


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Review by Geraldine Evans

After an operation more bungled by circumstances than any incompetence on his part, MI5 agent Harry Tate is posted to Red Station in south Ossetia, a drab place where, apart from the ever-present followers, nothing much happens.…


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Review by Geraldine Evans


I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I found it impossible to put down and really wanted to know what happened next. The action moves from country to country in the build-up to the 1/1 New Year terrorist tragedies. With thousands dead at the hands of Islamic fundamentalists, the UK government has no answers. We watch as the Islamic fanatics plot more terror. It's time for a new party, a radical party, the Independents, led by Francis Raike, who promises…


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Into costume: My book promo Pt. 1

My new book MOZART’S LAST ARIA will be out in the UK in May. Naturally this means a revamp for my website (coming soon) and a new promo video (coming about the same time) to be posted to Youtube. You know, all the stuff writers actually get into the business of writing in order to do. That, and cashing the massive cheques, of course. Oh, and the groupies who throw their panties at you at book-store readings. And the drugs.
Anyhow, that’s enough digression, even for a blog post.…

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Another Kindle Success Story

This author of romantic suspense finally had enough.


I know, sounds like it could be the start of a crime novel, right? Read it all about it at


Hope to see you there!


My best,


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Tony Perona VIPER review

As he did in BLEEDER, John Desjarlais takes a contemporary mystery and expertly intertwines a supernatural one.  VIPER features Selena De La Cruz—insurance saleswoman, shoe fashionista and former Drug Enforcement agent—who is forced back into police work when a hit list is discovered and her name is on it. The nine people on the list have one thing in common—they all…


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Matt Haig The Radleys

I am not a big vampire guy and really don’t read that much of the genre. My saying anything about this being a typical vampire novel would be incorrect and impolite. What this novel is though, is just plain flat out

fun and a very good read. The Radleys try to be the every neighbor, the middle

of the road couple, the average family, but they are anything but that; they

are abstaining vampires. Fun, frivolity, family soap opera, fast paced action

are what…


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Guest Post David N. Alderman author of the Black Earth Series

Book Review - Demon: A Memoir by Tosca Lee

For me, it’s hard to find compelling Christian fiction that can hold my interest. I became a fan of Tosca Lee when I met her about a year ago at a writer’s meeting and purchased a copy of Havah: The Story of Eve.

Havah opened my eyes to how beautifully Christian fiction could be written

without coming off preachy. In the same lines of Ted Dekker, Tosca knows how to

write compelling fiction…


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Happy New Year from Diana!

In The Work Wife prostitute Diana Andrews solves the case and explains some things about herself. The story is now online in the Winter 2010-2011 issue of Mysterical-e.

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During the promotion of my novel, OF GOOD AND EVIL, I have received praise (phone and e-mail; both Statewide and from overseas) from those whom are reading or have read the book. Following is but one example, from Bill Dickson,


"I am reading Griff's book at present. I have read 1,000s of books but I've never had the…


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Dog Night



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I Write Pulp Fiction, And I'm Darned Proud Of It

I cut my teeth reading pulp fiction.  You know, the dime novels of the forties and fifties.  Now, the term pulp fiction is often used disparangly, but these were stories that kept you turning the page.  Who can ever forget Spillane's "I, the Jury" or the action stories by L. Ron Hubbard.  They might not be taught in college literature classes, but people read and enjoyed them.  When I started the Al Pennyback mystery series, I initially tried for a 'literary' feel, but it just didn't 'feel'…


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X-Mas Day is D-Day!

It's Christmas Eve 2010.

D-Day for the digital E-Book Revolution. On this day and in particular, tomorrow, Christmas Day, more Kindle, Nooks, E-Readers and more will be

unwrapped and put to use than on any other single previous day. Not only

will there be a rush to purchase E-Books, but more will be sold

tomorrow than ever before.

The good news for authors: there is…


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Win a copy of Winter Secrets

The Christmas Day issue of Kings River Life is full of mystery fun. Check out a review of Vicki Delaney's book "Winter Secrets" & enter to win a copy

While there check out a review of James Patterson's "Sunday's at Tiffany's" &… Continue

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