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Your Feedback Requested on This Cover

Here's the second version of the cover to my upcoming reference e-book. What do you think? Here's a link to the first one.

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Is Author Kate Laity Actually a Spy?

Kate Laity (aka K.A. Laity aka C. Margery Kempe aka Kit Marlowe aka Kate Wombat) has to be one of the most interesting authors I've crossed virtual paths with in a long time. For starters, just look at the different names she uses. Combine that with a lot of international traveling and a multi-language repetoire of light bulb jokes, and you might think she's a…


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What Do E-Book Covers Say About Their Authors?

I'm honored to host to a guest post today from McDroll, the pseudonym for Scottish crime fiction author Fiona Johnson. Take it away, McD!




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Congratulations to Nigel Bird on His Spinetingler Nomination

Congratulations to fellow Trestle Press crime author Nigel Bird on his Spinetingler Mag nomination for best novella of 2011. He's a great talent, and he deserves the recognition.

The Spinetinglers are like the Oscars for indie crime authors. This is a big freakin' deal. It's an honor not only for him, but for all Trestle Press authors. This little indie outfit is really making some waves in the crime fiction world.



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Why Writing for TV and/or Movies Isn't in My Future

Other than the fact an offer is not on the table, I don't see myself writing for TV or movies. It was a question indie crime demigod Paul D. Brazill asked during his Short, Sharp Interview series.

PDB: Do you have any interest in writing for films, theatre or television?

Me: Not really. Authors sometimes view movies and TV as the…


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Moral Dilemma: When is It OK to Commit a Crime?


Is it ever OK to commit a crime? If so, who or what determines the line and when it's crossed?



The gray area around this question has been debated since humans figured out the concept of morality. Or, rather, when they identified why they felt sad while sitting atop a mountain of pillaged loot. That's most of human history right there.




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32 Crime Short Stories for 99 Cents

Today only: One buck less a penny is all you need to download an anthology of the damned featuring 32 fantastic crime fiction short stories. It's all in Brit Grit Too, edited by one of the best in the biz, Paul D. Brazill.

It's only 99 cents for today,…


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Free E-Book Alert: Buy-One-Get-One Trestle Press Title

Get a free Trestle Press e-book


From now until Sunday, Jan. 22, 2012, Trestle Press will be having a BUY-ONE-GET-ONE FREE E-BOOK SALE. All Trestle Press titles (including my…


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True Story: A Bizarre Coincidence Following a Palm Reading

Earlier this month, I had my palm read at a party by a professional. That is to say, she was hired to read palms at this party. Right away, she had lots to say about my writing - despite my not telling her about it.


Bizarre coincidence or something…


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Review: "11 the Hard Way" by Graham Smith (flash fiction collection)

Let's get this out of the way first.…


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Video: Absorbing Reading of Joshua Marks New Novel

Coming later this month from Trestle Press: The Girl from Yesterday by Joshua J. Mark

Although paranormal mysteries are something I'm only starting to inch toward writing, I find myself interested in reading more of it after watching this video.…


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FOUR Great Reviews of Maynard Soloman Series

Opened up my e-mail this morning to see that author/reviewer Chantal Boudreau had reviewed all four of the Maynard Soloman short stories. She loved 'em even though crime fiction humor isn't her normal cup of tea. It's proof the Ol' Badger has what it takes to reach beyond genre boundaries.


She writes:


Detective stories are…


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How a Jaded CrimeSpace Author Got His Mojo Back

Dan Coleman and I share a storied history in a certain way. We're both CrimeSpace members, refugees from the…


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"A Taste of Old Revenge" by CrimeSpace's Own B.R. Stateham

B.R. Stateham cranks out the kind of volume usually reserved for meat grinders and garage bands. I'm talkin' numbers and intensity. The guy produces more work at a consistently high quality than any crime author I know. So much so that I named his style "red meat crime fiction." Fans know his…


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Here are My 5 Writing Goals for 2012, What are Yours?

These aren't New Year's resolutions. These are goals. Because resolutions are made to be broken, and goals are more attainable. Unless you're referencing my brief career as the Shuffling Log on a track and field team. Then, not so attainable.



These are the five things I hope to accomplish before the calendar turns to 2013 (or the world blows up Dec. 12). Authors out there, feel free to grab this list idea and run with it. I'm interested to know what other people have…


Added by Benjamin Sobieck on January 4, 2012 at 11:30pm — 3 Comments

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