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CAST THE FIRST STONE (Police Procedural-England-Cont) – Ok

Adams, Jane – 2nd in series

MacMillan, 1996- UK Hardcover

Detective Inspector Mike Croft is involved in the legal appeal of Fletcher, a convicted child abuser. Fletcher alleges the existence of a journal identifying other abusers including a JP and others

in very high places. Eric Pearson lives in a quiet neighborhood but

quickly becomes a target of violence. He had…


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Bruen, Ken – PRIEST

PRIEST (Private Investigator-Ireland-Cont) – Ex

Bruen, Ken – 5th in series

Scorpion Press, 2006- UK Hardcover

Jack Taylor is out of the madhouse, sober and trying to give up smoking. A young man wants to be Jack’s partner as private investigators and the son Jack never had. Jack is also the guilt over the death of

his friends’ daughter and its result on them.

Jack’s one friend from the Guarda is being…


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de Castrique, Mark – FOOLISH UNDERTAKING

FOOLISH UNDERTAKING (Amateur Sleuth/Former Cop-North Carolina-Cont) – VG

de Castrique, Mark – 3rd in series

Poisoned Pen Press, 2006- ARC

Barry Clayton has returned from the police force and returned home to run the family funeral parlor. Y'Grok Eban, is a Montagnard and a hero to the US troops he

helped during the Vietnam War. A U.S. Senator, three-star general, and famous Hollywood star are among those en route to…


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A MINISTER’S GHOST (Amateur Sleuth/Folklorist-Georgia-Cont) – G+

DePoy, Phillip – 3rd in series

St. Martin’s Press, 2006 – Hardcover

Fever Devilin is the son of carnival owners, an ex-professor and folklorist who has returned to his hometown. He learns from his girlfriend, Lucinda, that her two nieces have been killed; they were in their car, sitting on the railroad

tracks when it was hit by a train. But

Lucinda is certain…


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Fowler, Christopher – SEVENTY-SEVEN CLOCKS

SEVENTY-SEVEN CLOCKS (Police Procedural-London-1973) – G

Fowler, Christopher – 3rd in series

Doubleday, 2005- UK Hardcover

Arthur Bryant and John May are members of the Peculiar Crimes Unit and their newest case is a perfect fit. A man dies from Cottonmouth snake venom in the lobby of the Savoy; another in blown up by a bomb make of silver and gold

and a third from rat poison in face powder.

All the…


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Fulmer, David – RAMPART STREET

RAMPART STREET (Private Investigator-New Orleans-1900s) – VG

Fulmer, David – 3rd in series

Harcourt, 2006- Hardcover

After 15 months away, Creole Detective Valerian St. Cyr in back in New Orleans’s red-light district of Storyville. He has lost weight, no longer exhibits his usual style, nor interest in life around him.

In an effort to bring him back to himself, his employer, Boss Tom



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Gardner, Lisa- GONE

GONE (Procedural/Suspense-Oregon-Cont) – VG

Gardner, Lisa- 8th book

Bantam, 2006- Hardcover

Former policewoman Rainie Conner is haunted by memories of abuse, both to her, the many cases she has handled and the suspected abuse of a boy she knows.. The murder of a child is

one too many and pushes her into alcohol abuse and away from her husband. Rainie’s husband, former FBI profiler Pierce

Quincy, loves his wife, but hope to…


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Grafton, Sue – S IS FOR SILENCE

S IS FOR SILENCE (Private Investigator-California-Cont) – G

Grafton, Sue – 19th in series

Putnam, 2005- Hardcover

Investigator Kinsey Millhone is hired by Daisy, now a woman, but who had been a girl of seven when her mother, Violet Sullivan, disappeared 34 years ago on the Fourth of July. Did

Violet abandon her family or did something more senister happen?

I enjoy Grafton as a reliably good read…


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Hill, Marion Moore – DEADLY WILL

DEADLY WILL (Amateur Sleuth-Philadelphia-Cont) – G

Hill, Marion Moore – 1st in series

Pemberley Press, 2006 – Trade Paperback

Millie Kirchner is a divorced, single mom working at a nursing home and just trying to make ends meet. She receives a letter from an attorney in Philadelphia advising her of a legacy from an

ancestor about whom she’d never known.

However, things are not always as they seem and…


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Kent, David – 2nd in series

Pocket Books, 2005- Paperback

Department Thirty Agent Faith Kelly is given her first assignment to help a suspected criminal disappear in exchange for information. Alex Bridge,

seven months pregnant, is accused of embezzling millions and murdering an FBI

agent. But to Faith, the evidence

incriminating Alex just doesn’t hold together.…


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A VISIBLE DARKNESS (Unlicensed Investigator/Ex-Cop-Florida-Cont) – VG

King, Jonathon – 2nd in series

Dutton, 2003- Hardcover

Max Freeman is an ex-Philadelphia cop now living in an Everglade swamp shack. He occasionally does investigation for his best friend, attorney Billy Manchester. In this case, Billy suspects someone is

killing elderly black women who sold their life insurance policies to

investors. Although the police…


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THE PARLIAMENT HOUSE (Amateur Sleuth/Architect-London-1670) – G

Marston, Edward – 5th in series

Allison & Busby, 2006- UK Hardcover

Architect Christopher Redmayne is attending the party celebrating the completion of the house and wine shop he designed. As the guests are leaving, one is shot dead by a sniper. Because the victim was the

friend of Sir Julius Cheever MP, the father of Christopher’s sweetheart,



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Parker, Robert B. – SEA CHANGE

SEA CHANGE (Police Procedural-Massachusetts/Florida-Cont) – G+

Parker, Robert B. – 5th in series

Putnam, 2006- Hardcover

Police Chief Jesse Stone, dry for one year and working on his relationship with his ex-wife, has a Jane Doe on his hands. The body of a young woman has been found in the harbor. Once Jesse learns her name

and that she’s from Florida from a local boat

rental owner he looks particularly at two yachts from…


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Sharp, Zoe – HARD KNOCKS

HARD KNOCKS (Thriller-England-Cont) – VG

Sharp, Zoe – 3rd in series

Piatkus, 2003- UK Hardcover

Charlie Fox is asked by her former Special Forces instructor, and former lover, Sean, to investigate the death of a man who had betrayed her friendship and ruined her military career. Although she doesn’t care that he’s dead, she

can’t refuse the request and goes undercover at a bodyguard training school in Germany. It soon becomes…


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Stabenow, Dana – BLINDFOLD GAME

BLINDFOLD GAME (Thriller-Alaska mostly-Cont) – VG

Stabenow, Dana – Standalone

St. Martin’s Minotaur, 2006- Hardcover

CIA analyst High Rincon is alerted by one of his operatives that two men she felt responsible for a bombing in Thailand, were planning a major attack, via a dirty bomb, on Alaska.

Although Hugh’s superiors won’t take it seriously, Hugh commandeers the

help of his wife and her superior;…


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THE TRUMPET SHALL SOUND (Police Proc/Trad. Mystery-England-Cont) - VG

Templeton, Aline – 4th book

Constable, 1997- UK Hardcover

Anna Hartington, daughter of late conductor Eden Harrington, is determined that the Hartington Music Festival go on as a tribute to her father. In the process, she has made a

lot of enemies. When she is found

murdered, the police have more than enough suspects, including the current



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Thompson, Victoria – MURDER ON LENOX HILL

MURDER ON LENOX HILL (Mystery-New York City-1800s) – G+

Thompson, Victoria – 7th in series

Berkeley Prime Crime, 2005- Hardcover

Midwife Sarah Brandt has been asked to look at the daughter of a wealthy couple. Grace, although a teenager, is mentally still a child, never goes out on her own and yet is

pregnant. Once Sarah determines she has

not been abused by her father, she is determined to learn who is responsible.…


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Todd, Charles – A LONG SHADOW

A LONG SHADOW (Police Procedural-England-1919) – VG

Todd, Charles – 8th in series

William Morrow, 2006-Hardcover

Inspector Ian Rutledge, still haunted by his past and the spirit of Hamish, keeps finding cartridge shells, etched with poppies, left for him, first in London and still after he is sent to a remote country village

where local Constable Hensley has been shot in the back with an arrow and left

in a wood shunned by the locals.…


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