We are a few weeks into 2008. What one crime fiction book are you looking forward to in 2008?

I'm looking forward to several new books but the one highly anticipated is TRUTH by Peter Temple, the follow-up book to the incredible The Broken Shore. I can't wait!


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I can't wait for Mark Billingham's new novel - his five so far have been some of the best crime writing I have ever read.
HB x
Well, you know I can't stick to just one Carl so I'm going to say the deliciously warped Anthony Neil Smith's YELLOW MEDICINE (it features a psychobilly band and a severed head - how could I say no?), and Tony Black's PAYING FOR IT are two books that I will snap up as soon as they are published.

On the 'wishful thinking' front - I'd love to see new books by Daniel Woodrell, Eddie Muller, Joe Lansdale and Charlie Williams.
For me, The Cruelest Month by Louise Penny (already out in Canada, but won't be in the U.S. till March).
'08 looks to be a great year. Sandra Ruttan has two books coming out, I'm really looking forward to seeing Vancouver and the lower mainland and some corrupt Mounties... Al Guthrie's SAVAGE NIGHT, Duane Swiercznski's SEVERENCE PACKAGE and if there's a book with a better title than Victor Gischler's GO-GO GIRLS OF THE APOCOLYPSE I'll be shocked. And, isn't Grant McKenzie's SWITCH coming out in '08? Linda L. Richards DEATH WAS THE OTHER WOMAN (LA in the 30's) is already out but my local bookstore had to order it and it won't be in till the end of the month.

I think I could just read the books from Crimespace authors and have more than enough to read.
Here are a baker's 10 of books that I'm looking forward to in 2008

At the City's Edge - Marcus Sakey
In For a Pound - Richard Marinick
Crimson Orgy - Austin Williams (horror)
Saturday's Child Ray Banks
The Given Day - Dennis Lehane
Mafiya - Charlie Stella
Savage Night - Al Guthrie
Severance Package - Duane Swierczynski
Go-Go Girls of the Apocalypse - Victor Gischler
What Burns Within & Frailty of the Flesh by Sandra Ruttan

And a couple of wildcards

Safer - Sean Doolittle (assuming the Amazon listing is right)

The rumored, as of yet unnamed, James P Blaylock manuscript that was turned in late last year.

Whatever wonderfulness Charlie Huston puts out this year. (A new Joe Pitt is almost a given, but I dont know about a crime book yet)
Go- Go girls of the Apocalypse!!!!! With a name like that I've got to order it.
HB x
So sweet of John McFetridge to mention my newly published book as one of those he's looking forward to reading. Modest of him, also, not to mention his own upcoming EVERYBODY KNOWS THIS IS NOWHERE. I say it that way because the way things worked out -- and the mysteries of the publishing industry being what they are -- this book is coming out quite a bit later than originally planned. In fact, rave reviews were printed months ago, which must be very galling, but really *has* served to whet the interest of many readers, myself included. At the same time, though, his head must be near to bursting with anticipation. Certainly, if i were him, it's the book I'd most be looking forward to seeing on bookstore shelves!

And he still has to wait until July.
Billingham, Patterson. and anything Clancy and, of course, my own 'Murder on High Ground".


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