My revision is going well.
It's shaping up and my work hasn't been tossed into a furnace or anything yet.
But then I get these highs and lows--peaks and dips.
Any advice for a slightly hysterical, occasionally confident, but somewhat neurotic first timer?!
Advice appreciated!

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thanks for that. very much.
I had thought--that because I felt that way that it wasn't going right. but now I realize it's me and i'm not alone.
it's kind of you to write what you did. it really gives me a lot more confidence and comfort too, actually.
again, sincere thanks!
going to avoid that, hopefully!
I've found that pretty much any problem can be solved by injesting unhealthy amounts of chocolate.

If that doesn't work - I suffered from clinical depression for a number of years, and I found one technique that works is to keep a diary of all your highs and peaks and just continually add to it. Then, when you hit a low - read it. It gets you out of the rut almost instantly.

But I recommend chocolate first!! ; )
thanks, Jessica!
Depression is rough. You must have some coping skills I admire you.
Yes, chocolate does help ALWAYS!
I have a plaque up in the kitchen that says, "chocolate makes my clothes smaller!"
and it DOES!
interesting suggesting--keeping score, I'll have to see about that.
thanks for replying. btw went at some chocolate yesterday when a surveyer was supposed to come and didn't show up or call. grrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!
Art should happen “after the walks and the laughter,” not ever instead of.
yeah art! hope that's what i'm doing!
seriously, thanks!
Now THAT'S a good suggestion!
thanks Jon. I needed that!
I float around on the highs, and send whiny emails to my writing buddies in the lows, trying hard to laugh at myself all the while because I do know, deep down inside, that how I feel on any given day (hour) does not necessarily say anything true or useful about the actual competence or otherwise of my writing.
Let's hear it for whiny emails!
Usually my husband is a sounding board. poor man.
I know what you mean though.
And no, our lows when we question EVERYTHING isn't productive, but it may serve as a release so we don't descend (thinking purely of myself) into deep depression)!
Someone told me that that's part of being a writer--to question because we grow that way.
I think that's true. At least my higher self says it is. my scared self sometimes says the opposite. all sorts of negative things usually just before I fall asleep! eek.
but I go on and I know you do too.
It's not the easiest thing to pursue, writing--but what would we do if we didn't write?
We write I think because it's in us to!
at least imho!
and thanks Jayne!
then you're a natural-born writer!
And when you're away from it you're not as happy, right?
My highs and lows sometimes come (not so bad now) ANYTIME!
when I had doubts--but then, in reading it over, I felt better (delusional)?!! hopefully not.
When will you be writing again for yourself?
and btw thanks so much for your reply!
just got back in from a longish weekend--with no writing but reading books about editing!


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