Is anyone else as hopelessly addicted to Goodis as I am?

I had heard Ken Bruen as well as others rave about him and several months ago I picked up 4 of his books at Rosemary's Baby in Denver...she has a fabulous crime and mystery section there. The Night Squad, The Burglar, Nightfall and Shoot The Piano Player. I just got to them in the TBR pile and have devoured them like a bag of pistachios.
As dark and disturbing as they can be there's a pure kind of honor about them. They are short, precise, and pared to the bone. I am hooked.

Why do you like David Goodis?

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I'm a huge Goodis fan. About ten years ago I worked on a stage production of his novel BLACK FRIDAY and that got me hooked.

As you mentioned, I like the darkness and the precision. I also use his writing as a model for the femme fatale vs good girl/redeemer dichotomy.
How did I overlook David Goodis?!
I love that sort of writing!
Just ordered Shoot the Piano Player and OfTender Sin.
I love the films Goodis's books were based on.
I think we learn so much from reading these masters of the genre.
I am a die hard Goodis fan! Would love to talk more about the man, the myth and the writing of Goodis. Be sure to check out NoirCon 2008 and 2010 which take place in Goodis's home town and seek to honor him and Goodis like writers.
wow, sure will check that.
I aspire to write as he did!
Love that style of writing.
I'm a big fan of Goodis too, although not quite as die-hard as Lou -- Lou is the #1 world authority on Goodis. I've read all the novels at least once. I like Goodis because his perspective is refreshingly different. He writes unsparingly about the socially marginalized, values empathy over sympathy, and isn't afraid of alienating readers with an outlook that's generally very bleak. He can also be very funny.
Thanks, everyone, for the replies. It's great reading John, Lou and Allen's perspectives on this amazing and little-known writer. Little-known by the general public, that is. He is hugely admired in Noir and Crime circles.

Carol and Naomi, you have a treat in store for you when you begin his novels. I warn you, you'll want to read every one of them. It can be obsessive!
you know you're right.
I know that already from having started one!
Terrific, Carole! Which one did you pick?
The Blonde on the Corner, I just started, midway through Grisham's the Juror but couldn't wait! I love the style--kind of like James Farrell's Stud's Lonegan (father's favorite book on the planet)! like that style but written as hardboiled crime (which I prefer)
Coming shortly: Shoot the Piano Player and Of Tender Sin,
and yes, I can see myself reading whatever I can get my hands on!


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