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At the moment, I am reading an anthology entitled, *Thriller,* edited by James Patterson. It brings together short stories of the thriller-suspense genre by authors such as James Grippando, David Morrell, Gayle Lynds, F. Paul Wilson, etc. Next up on my "to-read" list is a collection by Jeffrey Deaver, whose work I haven't read up till now. The tales in *Thriller* are varied in style, but thus far each has held up to the implied contract - "Give me some time, and I'll give you something worthwhile." If you like short fiction, it's worth a read.

Not really related to this venue's focus, I also have going *Massacre at Montségur,* a history of the Albigensian crusade of the thirteenth century.
The Barbed Wire Kiss by Wallace Stroby. It came highly recommended by Reed Farrel Coleman, and I thought he might know something about mysteries. Turns out he did. Good going so far.
Ken Bruen's Priest, and savoring it like a glass of Jameson! I am a fast reader, but I don't want to miss a word. And it's terrific. I find myself laughing out loud at some of his lines and getting strange looks in the lunchroom. Thanks for another great read, Ken!
Laughing out loud is absolutely what I do when reading Bruen. He is a genius and I love him!!
I loved THE BARBED WIRE KISS Steven. That Reed certainly knows how to recommend a good book :o) And DA, PRIEST is excellent. I just finished the most recent in the series, CROSS. Every time I read a Ken Bruen it just blows me away.

I have just started Scott Frost's NEVER FEAR which is interesting so far. A policewoman in LA investigates the unsolved murders of 3 women nearly 20 years ago when her half brother, who she didn't know existed, is found murdered.
I'm reacting to a long hot miserable summer so I'm reading Ice Moon by Jan Costin Wagner and then I'm going to follow that up with Ice Trap by Kitty Sewell.

My "handbag" book at the moment is Lucy Sussex's Anthology Shadow Alley which is a series of short stories by luminaries like Kerry Greenwood, Garry Disher, Jennifer Rowe and so on - all of whom were asked to take their main character back to their childhood / teenage years.
I read Ice Moon last month, and thought that it was great. Unfortunately it also seems to be the only one of Jan Costin Wagner's novels that's been translated into English, which is more than a little frustrating.
Darn blast mutter mumble - that's bad news - I just finished Ice Moon and it was extremely good.
I've emailed Harvill, who publish him in the UK, to ask if they have any plans to publish any of the others in translation. Not heard anything back yet.
Alot of your replies have been wonderful, and what you are reading sounds great. I may have to check these out when I have finished with my TBR pile. Currently I am reading 13 Bullets A Vampire Tale by David Wellington, this is the first book in a terrifying new trilogy. I am hooked, it is like no other vampire story I have read, and I have read all of Anne Rice's books, and have read The Historian, and just finished Vrolok and this one does not compare, it offers up more blood, gore, and the description of the vampires in 13 Bullets have teeth like sharks, not just the two fangs, but all their teeth are jagged like razor blades. Here it is almost 2 am and I still cannot put this one down. I have to admit I get so drawn into the stories it is very hard for me to put them down, most demand to be finished.

I think this will be a great discussion to us all, we may find ourselves adding more to our TBR piles, making them grow larger and larger.

I must say goodnight now, and read another chapter and then head off to sleep.
Almost done with Sara Gran's DOPE - holy crap it's freakin' good. It's so good I'm reading for sheer pleasure, no nit-picking whatsoever. I almost don't want to finish it because I love the protag and I know it's gonna end bad, bad, bad for her. About half-way through Bill Cameron's lost dog. Got a great sense of humor & a nice dark ick thread running through it. Started PARANOID PARK, a YA thriller by Blake Nelson. Not so super impressed with this one, but I've never read a YA thriller, so maybe I'm just jaded. Next up is Victor Gischler's GUN MONKEYS. My hubby just finished it and loved it. He's not a big fan of contemporary crime fic., so when he really likes something & feels compelled to tell me about scenes from the book I know it's gonna be good.
I loved DOPE too, and I would definitely recommend COME CLOSER if you haven't read it yet. It's beautifully written, very powerful and, for a reader, a rare treat. Enjoy!


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