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Yup.  Martin Cruz Smith is very good.  As is GORKY PARK.

Currently Reading the second from Gerard O'Donovan - Dublin Death.

How do you like his writing? I met him briefly at at a conference in New Orleans. Nice guy. Had plenty to say about the pedophile priest issues in Ireland

sorry for the delay Susan - behind in everything as usual.  I thought his first book was really interesting - certainly had to revise my "over serial killers completely" stance.  The second book carries forward the two main characters - a cop and a journalist / works with some expected elements in that sort of relationship, but creates a very readable book.  I've got to finish writing up a full review on it asap.

3 Tried and rejected:  (And this will shock people)

Garry Disher, KITTYHAWK DOWN.  Australian police procedural, well written, but . . . most of the characters are dysfunctional and so is society.  Ultimately, I couldn't take it.  It was too negative.

Michael Koryta, SORROW'S ANTHEM.  Much celebrated new P.I. author.  Again well written, but . . . this is another hardboiled P.I. walking the dangerous streets of the inner city.  I'm tired of those.


Raymond Chandler, THE LITTLE SISTER.  Now this is the darling of a lot of serious crime buffs.  I tried Chandler many years ago and wasn't turned on.  Tried him again and couldn't see it.  This is dated (naturally; it's old), but not because of technology. It has an extremely oldfashioned plot:  P.I. in his office; troubled young woman walks in.  He responds with lust.  More to the point, the much praised voice:  it's basically "Hey, I'm smarter than you are!"  When with women, Marlowe turns into a chauvinist.  As I said, dated.

Probably why I liked Gary's Wyatt better. Crime Noir needs to be the anti-hero focus, otherwise it can get a bit too depressing.


I'm reading LA Larkin's The Genesis Flaw. I saw her at the Sydney Writers' Festival and won a copy of her book. So far so good.

Just finished the Martin Cruz Smith novel, Havana Bay. Fantastic book.

Am now in the midst of Patricia Cornwell's Book of the Dead. Gotta tell ya that the first 6 pages of the book are most chilling I've ever read. Seriously. The book features Kay Scarpetta and all the usual suspects: Benton Wesley, Marino, and KS's niece Lucy.   More when I finish it ...

Just finished ROADSIDE CROSSES by Jeffery Deaver. This is his second Kathryn Dance. I've read both, there may be a third. I have to check. either way, this was a great read. A lot of fun.
David DeLee
Fatal Destiny - a Grace deHaviland novel
Adrian McKinty, THE HIDDEN RIVER.  Irish author but U.S. setting mostly.  P.I. novel with thriller potential.  Very fast moving (a great chase scene) and with a fine protagonist, somewhat reminiscent of Jack Taylor.  Recommended.

Thrift Store Bounty Hunters by Michael Lamendola. It's turning out to be a fun read.

I've returned to an old favorite -- reading Clive Cussler's POLAR SHIFT.

David DeLee
Fatal Destiny - a Grace deHaviland novel

I'm about to toss it.  Karin Slaughter, BLINDSIGHTED.  A very badly written book lacking all believability and research.  Female-focused thriller:  disgustingly violent and sexual crimes against helpless women by a male serial killer.  The psychology is way off.  Romance interferes every step of the way. The dialogue isn't logical. The big question: how does one rape a woman who is sitting on the toilet?  (Yes, it's a disgusting crime).


What surprised me and shouldn't have:  major publisher (Harper Collins) and over-the-top endorsements by George Pelecanos, Val McDermid, Peter Robinson, Laura Lippman, John Westermann, and Steve Hamilton.

Publishing is a dirty business.


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