Weren't we supposed to be planning "the heist to end all heists?"

So, what are we gonna steal? Let's start by deciding that and take it from there.

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I'm in...just as soon as I stop laughing.
i'm thinking it would have to be something big, creative, and artistic, but slightly ridiculous. like stealing the giant paul bunyan statue and setting it up in the middle of the AZ desert. oh, that's probably a prank. nevermind. :D
Shouldn't the heist to end all heists go for something incredibly valuable? Apologies if that Paul Bunyan statue is, but the clichés here would be the Crown Jewels, the Mona Lisa or the contents of Fort Knox.

But if this is the heist to end all heists, surely that means first of all you have to publicly announce to the world what you're going to do beforehand. There's simply no style in stealing something from under someone's nose unless they know you're going to do it and are waiting to catch you.

Then it's a case of stealing jewels, paintings, gold, paul bunyan statues and rockets - all at the same time!

Which should be easy enough, but I haven't clue how you'd go about fencing all the loot.
If i stole the Mona Lisa, I would never fence it...just hang it in some appropriate spot where I could gaze at it whenever I wanted. As for the Crown Jewels, I guess I could wear them to a costume party, but no, they should be fenced. Perhaps some kabillionaire third world industrialist living in a nation that has no extradition treaty with the US would be interested?

And as for Fort Knox, love the idea, but if Goldfinger couldn't pull it off, wonder how successful we'd be? Since I'm a rock collector, I'm kind of partial to the idea of stealing the gold at the ore stage. And gold mines are usually just guarded by one grizzled old guy with a shotgun, and his burro, of course. That might work.
3 arrested over rocket launcher theft

Will be interesting to see if anyone's missing from the forum today...
How about we steal the entire first run of the new Harry Potter book?
I love that idea! After all, if we stole a rocket ship, nobody would care. But if we stole the last HP book? Whoohooo baby, the sh** would hit the fan, wouldn't it?

I love the idea of using a fleet of same-colored Coopers to chase around in. Wouldn't THAT drive the cops nuts?

bobbi c.
not on medication, but need to be
Ding! Ding! Ding! Thank you, Jack. We have a winner. Who's in? And are we just going to execute a straightforward, Muggle-type heist, or are we going to undertake a magical smash and grab? You do realize this will be a world-wide effort, so it's good that we have members from so many countries.

By the way, does anyone have a magic wand? I made the mistake of taking mine to the dry cleaners and they accidentally removed the magic.
Chew on this: Eco-terrorists steal Iran's first nuclear device and threaten to detonate it on the Ross ice shelf in Antartica in one week. The resulting flood from melted ice would raise the ocean level six feet over the next six months. Ten percent of the world's population would be homeless and countless acres of valuable coastal fishing esturaries would be destroyed. And all they want, the end to the use of gas- and diesel-powered vehicles. Can the nations of the world unite and put aside their differences to track down the terrorists? Or do they give up their precious cars in a mad rush for alternative fuels? - the other rick
Now, Rick, you're talking about writing a screenplay here...not a heist...but I would be first in line to buy a ticket...great idea!
Can't we steal Brad Pitt?

I suppose Dick Cheney's shotgun is out of the question . . . .
Rumor has it that particular gun is more heavily guarded than the President...


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