Who's planning to make the trek to Anchorage for B-Con this year? It's a seven-hour, $700 flight from Dallas. I imagine there will be a heavy contigent from the West Coast, but what about from the rest of the Lower 48?

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I'm fence straddling at this point - painful. My college will pay up to $750 of my expenses if I present at the conference (or even if I don't really) and I've got enough miles to fly for free. Essentially, there's no costs involved... Or I can get the college to pay for LCC in Denver and use the miles to go to Japan or Peru with the missus. I really wanted to go until I heard that a lot of the tourist activity is shut down precisely two weeks before B'Con begins. I mean, I've seen Anchorage...in Connecticut we call it Hartford.
I'm planning to go. I've got the hotel reserved, but I don't have my Bcon registration yet. I've always wanted to go to Alaska. So I'm heading up there a week early to explore, even though it's not the ideal tourist time. Should still be a lot of fun.
Hell no. I'm staying home and saving my limited convention budget for Thrillerfest this year. At least it's local for me. Couldn't go to BoucherCon last year because I couldn't get a hotel within 12 miles of the convention center in Madison. Booking a convention in a college town on Parent's Weekend (as I was told by two hotel reservation managers) might not have been the best idea
Does anybody know who thought that Alaska was a good freakin' idea? I can't speak for everyone, but I know that when I've gone, the outside decor doesn't matter. The same four walls in every convention center all look the same to me.
With the convention money that I'm saving in having Thrillerfest local, I'm going to Vegas next week. While the conventioneers are being chased by bears, think of me at the buffet
It's not all that easy from Los Angeles either. Used to be that all sorts of flights would stop in Anchorage on their way to Asia. They don't need to do that any longer. But, I'm going. I've never been to Alaska (I've been to all 49 of the other states) so it seemed like a good opportunity to see some of the place. I'm even showing up about 10 days early to travel around. Problem is, a lot of the state seems to close down for tourism on September 15 - the date I arrive. (No more busses into Denali and other such things.) I'm sure I'll find some fun to have and some trouble to get into and I always enjoy Bouchercon.
Eric--I lived in Alaska for 10 yrs. You might check into driving your car into Denali. That's even better. And they used to allow personal cars on the shoulder weeks of the season so you may be in luck. The buses run on their own schedule and can be a pain. And going back to Wonder Lake is 10 hrs on a school bus. Not fun. Being in your own car might give you more flexibility.

A really cool side trip is going south from Anchorage to the Kenai Peninsula. You can get a 4-hr ferry trip out of Seward and see glaciers and all sorts of acquatic wildlife--no need to take the longer 8-hr version. And the drive south is pretty, along the coastline of the Cook Inlet. I've done the Seward trip and loved it. Seward is a nice small town too.

I have other suggestions if you're interested. My husband and I will be there Tues, but staying after thru most of Wed and visiting old friends. Can't wait.
Check with one of the folks on the B'con committee. They might know of someone who would take you in to Denali National Park on the days Alaskans are allowed to drive into the park. During that weekend. It will be open until the 19th of September and then it will close for the winter.
I'll be going and I'm on a panel, too! My first panel and my first book, though the book won't be out till next year (yeah, I'm going to Baltimore, too). I think if you had to choose one conference, this one is it. Though why Alaska? I know they are trying to be equitable but...
I'm gonna be there, Harry. Alaska is old stomping grounds for me. I lived there 10 years and can't wait to get back to see old friends plus take in a great conference. I've got some fun side gigs planned already & 2 panels. Hope to see you there.
It's not a sure thing, but I'm hoping I can put it together. I'm in Seattle so it's not too bad a hop.
I'm going to be there! I'm driving up from Nelson, B.C. and making a vacation out of it.
Sadly, I won't make B-Con this year. Too far from Mobile and too expensive. Plus my sister would skin me alive if I missed my nephew's birthday party that weekend.
It's my first Bouchercon and my first trip to Alaska! I couldn't pass up the opportunity--my book debuts in July of '08.

Of course, I'm flying from San Francisco, so that makes the cost more palatable. But think about it--Alaska! It's going to be gorgeous! What's a bear between friends? And LCC is doing Hawaii in '09 ... it's obviously a good time to start writing off expenses ...



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