Currently reading Mark Billingham, Michael connelly- Stuart MacBride- (thanks for the tips) love James Patterson as well, but who are some others you guys would recommend? I'm wanting new writers as well as covering all the decades I've been neglecting for too long. 90's anyone? I love Ed McBain. As for the '80's? I have some Lawrence Sanders--going to re read him, too! appreciating your advice in advance!

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Have you read any Simon Kernick or Kevin Wignall?
Have the boys got you on their payroll Chel? ; )
no, thanks. but i'll find out!
Marcus Sakey, JA Konrath, PJ Parrish, and Sean Chercover all have 2007 releases I thought were very good. Tess Gerritsen's new book hits the stores in a couple of weeks. If you haven't read her, you should.

The best crime novel I read this year was a little paperback by James Sallis called Drive. Awesome.
thanks so much, Jude! woah do I have reading to do! noted them all. J.A Konrath I know, and he is great. will try to read Sallis first on your recommendation. really do appreciate it! will also read you of course! i thought--(talked myself into the fact) that I didn't have time to read--but then in thinking about it all I decided I had to MAKE time. again, thanks.
Sara Gran. Have you read DOPE? It's set in the same era as your novel. I think you'd like it a lot. Do you read James Ellroy? I believe he writes in a similar vein although I've never read him.

I also just finished Sean Doolittle's THE CLEANUP - excellent. And I like Theresa Schwegel's work. An "oldie but goodie" for police procedural is Joseph Wambaugh - his early work more than his later, IMO.
thanks Christa, yes I was into Wambaugh early on. forgot about him actually, I have one of his books, too. be good to re-read. I love Ellroy. read a lot by him. Try to read My Dark Places--a bio--and about his Mom's murder, it'll get you a glimpse into what the man is about, then read--anything really Black Dahlia is good, LA Confidential--and his newer books as well. many thanks for your suggestions. I have quite a list now. appreciate it.
James Lee Burke and Andrew Vachss
thank you Terry. just added them on.
90's how about Val McDermid's series that starts with 'Mermaids Singing'? Liza Cody's 'BucketNut' & 'Monkey Wrench' books are off beat. About a wannabe female wrestler who livs in a junk yard. Goimg way back is Stephen Greenleaf's Marsh Tanner PI series. There are about 13 in the series but the one I liked best was 'Book Case' then 'Blood Work'. I like John W. Hall for a Florida setting and the first few of Randy Wayne White's Doc Ford books were good too. Recently out in audio book format are the JP Beaumont PI books written by JA Jance. She wrote them before the sherriff Joanna Brady books. Speaking of rural cops, Donald Harstad is very good, as is William Kent Kruger.

More curently is Stephen Booth, writes about a male & a female coppers in England's Peak district. First was 'Black Dog'. Mo Hayder writes a great slasher book if you want gore. I think 'Birdman' was the first.

Did you miss 'The Lovely Bones' by Alice Siebold? Not really a mystery but a cracking good book. A girl is murdered like on page 3 and her ghost watches the investigation unfold. Tear jerker. Excellent writing and control of the craft. (Note to self, I should give this one for Xmas.)

Collin Cotterill's series set in Laos is good (The Coroner's Lunch). John Burdett's set in Bankock is, too (Bankock 8). I liked Eliot Patterson's series set in Tibet. (I know I spelled the last name wrong. It might be Pattison, or maybe with one 't'.) But a series with a second look at the new China is by argh.I for get his name... Quio Xiaolung???.. Death of a Red Herione, I think is the first in the series.... Martin Cruz Smith's Arkady Renko series set in Russia spans detente and the new Russia as does Kaminsky's Inspector Rostnikov books (Kaminsky has 3 series all going at once, Rostnikov, Lew Fonseca in Florida and Abe Liberman in Chicago...) All are good, but what do you expect from a Grand Master?

So there you have it, one amateur sleuth, a bunch of PIs, coppers from various settings and even a coroner.

Oh, I forgot, Boston Teran's 'God is a Bullet'. Biker mojave gore.

Oh I forgot again, Don Winslow. He has two book 'types', one is a series featuring private sleuth Neil Carey (1st is 'Cool Breeze ont the Underground'), the others are standalones (Death & Life of Bobby Z, California Fire & Life, etc) More 90s California writing see T Jefferson Parker.

Which reminds me of Peter Speigelman's series amd Michael Dymmoch's series of which I've only just started them myself. Spiegelman's PI is a blacksheep from a monied family whose bank needs an investigator, and Dymmoch's cop and psychitrist team come together inadvertantly in investgations.

I hope your rightclick/ highlight/googlesearch fuction is working, LOL!!
don't see my reply to you here.
I have it all. wow! thanks.


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