We've all heard of beach books, but what about autumn reads? I found my summer reading taking me farther abroad than simply Cape Cod, visited China with Qiu Xiaolong ("Death of a Red Heroine" and "The Loyal Character Dancer"), Laos with Colin Cotterill, and Berlin with Ariana Franklin ("City of Shadows"). Now that it's well and truly September, I'm wondering if my reading tastes will change a bit. Time for something meatier and heavy to ward off the chill?

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Used to like Qiu Xiaolong except for the most recent one. Don't like Cotterill (mostly because of poor English and woowoo). Will look out for Ariana Franklin if she comes recommended.
As for fall: I'm about to start on Steven Torres' new hardboiled novel: THE CONCRETE MAZE. With a stellar quote by Ken Bruen, it should be really something.
Hi IJ- You might enjoy the Franklin. I'd recommend the slightly harder-edged "City of Shadows," rather than her sweet, but softer new one, "Mistress of the Art of Death." As you can probably figure from my site, I seem to have a higher tolerance for the softer stuff. (That said, I'm now reading Michel Faber's short story collection, "Vanilla Bright Like Eminem," and he is one sick f*ck.)
I love Colin Cotterill's books. I think he's an excellent writer. My Autumn reads are, first and foremost, books in preparation for Bouchercon. Further than that I'm not going to predict because I know I will come back with a huge pile of new books!
I'm still reading James Lee Burke, but I've also picked up Sin In Second City (all about the Everleigh Sisters and their Chicago brothels...anything about Chicago's history intrigues me). I have The Memorykeeper's Daughter on my list as well. Longer books for longer nights, I suppose. :o)
Let us know what you think of THE MEMORYKEEPER'S DAUGHTER. I have some strong opinions about it, but I'll wait until you read it.
I'm curious, Naomi ... when you feel the time is right, please post!
I love James Lee Burke and found the new one ("Tin Roof Blowdown') one of his best, almost too painful to read however. (I've got my Boston Globe review linked through myblog here if you're curious). Looking forward to hearing about Bouchercon, since I won't be there this year.
I have a new camera and a new laptop and am hoping to blog on Crimespace fairly regularly from Anchorage. I am intending to go to as many panels as possible, although as well as panel and book stuff it will also include my adventures snowmobiling and trying not to get eaten by a bear, so you might want to avoid the irrelevant bits! There might be days where I can't blog as I'm doing the Authors To Schools programme and will be spending a few days with my heart in my mouth hopping on float planes up and down river in the middle of nowhere to the schools who are unfortunate enough to get me...out of all the wonderful authors they could have had, they get me. I feel guilty already.
Oh, they are lucky! And I want to read about the bears...
Yay! Please post as often as is comfortably possible. (We want you to have a good time, too.) The Alaskans will love you.
I'm a season ahead just now - busy reading Daniel Woodrell's WINTER'S BONE (thanks for the recommendation, Donna!). It's superb, can't praise it highly enough. Next up is a tough choice - I've an embarrassment of riches on Mount TBR - but I reckon it will most likely be Duane Swierczynski's THE WHEELMAN. Not sure if my choices are influenced by the season, but I'm glad I didn't read WINTER'S BONE actually in winter - it chills me enough on a sunny Autumn day!
Julie - if you like dark and funny (albeit not winter-y), you might like Robert WIlson's West Africa series. Steamy hot, truly gross at times, and strangely hilarious. At least to me. Maybe I'm just odd. But you might try them!
- Clea


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