We've all heard of beach books, but what about autumn reads? I found my summer reading taking me farther abroad than simply Cape Cod, visited China with Qiu Xiaolong ("Death of a Red Heroine" and "The Loyal Character Dancer"), Laos with Colin Cotterill, and Berlin with Ariana Franklin ("City of Shadows"). Now that it's well and truly September, I'm wondering if my reading tastes will change a bit. Time for something meatier and heavy to ward off the chill?

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Thanks, Clea - added to the list! I always appreciate a recommendation, I've read some brilliant stuff as a result. And if reading about snow and ice when it's warm makes me shiver, these might just help make winter more comfortable...
Less dark, but also funny (and warm) - Colin Cotterill. I just linked my Boston Phoenix review to the blog part of my page, if you want to read more. (Or just pick up "The Coroner's Lunch," the first in his Dr. Siri series.)
I must admit, I do like the sound of Colin Cotterill's stuff. Aw shucks, more books to buy! ;-)
the first three are in paperback! I mean, there's always the library, but I say support your local author.
Let me just add a YEEEEAAAHHHH to the Colin Cotterill list - I really love his books - the woowoo just seems to fit culturally and the feeling of place is magnificent.

Mind you - we're coming up to Spring - so I'm starting to pine for snowy fiords and the like - grumble mutter grumble - hate summer mutter
I'm glad you enjoyed it Jools - I knew you would - he's a superb writer. And it had the same effect on me - chilled me to the bone when I was reading it. As did William Kent Kreuger's IRON LAKE. I read that in mid summer a couple of years ago and was quite shocked to go outside and find heat and sunshine. And if you're sitting on a dreich and miserable rainy cold day and want something to cheer you up, don't read Arnaldur Indridason's JAR CITY. It's a wonderful book but the weather in it will just make you feel miserable :o)
I love it when a book or a film has such a profound effect - and I absolutely must read Arnaldur Indridason. Haven't come across a bad comment yet!
I think Louise Penny's STILL LIFE is an excellent autumn read. I'm reading Kate Atkinson's CASE HISTORIES and enjoying it, although it's sagging a bit in the middle. Hope it picks up. Can't wait to start on Nancy Pickard's THE VIRGIN OF SMALL PLAINS. The cover of the trade paperback is a doozy. After reading Daniel Woodrell's short story in the A HELL OF A WOMAN galley, I've become a convert. (He should get Donna as his publicist!)
I told you Naomi! Isn't it an amazing story? And his books are just as good. His standalones are all very noir and have a similar feel to that story. He also has a series which is hardboiled rather than noir, but still wonderfully written.
Naomi, I will let you know on Memorykeeper's Daughter. Donna, I am a big Kent Krueger fan...his narrative hooks me in and I forget all about the time (he works his magic on my husband too!). Wish I was going to B'Con but we cruised to Alaska last year and had a wonderful time. The schools will welcome you with open arms! Dog sled on a glacier if you can...nothing like it in the world!


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