Hey, does anyone here have a book published? I would love to read it. Especially, if it's about taking down the bad guys.

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You're kiddin', right? You can't swing a book around this place without hitting an author!
Since I'm a punk rocker, I believe in the DIY route, so I put my novels out on my small press, Active Bladder. On the mystery/suspense side, there's NOIR REUNION and IAN HAHN: THE OLFACTORY EMPATH, the latter featuring a little fantasy.
George, my mystery novel came out this month, Lost Hours. Detroit PI Joe Hooks sets out to solve the twenty three year old murder of his father, where Joe was the prime suspect.
Oh my goodness, George, are YOU ever going to be popular here! All the authors would LOVE for you to read our books! Browse around and see what appeals to you. Oh, and if by any chance you happen to think you'd like to read my new work, DYING TO BE THIN, a Fat City Mystery , I'd be happy to sign a book label for you, or sign it if I'm ever near your area. Best, Kathryn
George, You're in the right place for finding tons of books about taking down the bad guys. Here's mine: 13 DAYS: THE PYTHAGORAS CONSPIRACY. In Chicago, it's available online at Amazon or in stock downtown in the Loop at The University of Chicago GSB Bookstore, Gleacher Center, 450 N. Cityfront Plaza Dr. 13 Days has a key scene set in northern Illinois.

Have fun with all the replies you'll be getting!


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