I need book releases to fill my Coming Attractions column in Kings River Life. I need December ones, but am also scouting for books coming out in 2015. HELP!

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Past Midnight Publishing is releasing Matt Madigan's DOWN presently. Please contact us at pastmidnightpublishing@gmail.com for more information. We look forward to hearing from you.

Here you go. The official publication date in September 23, but we've made it available to independent bookstores right now, and we're offering a 40 percent discount.


Two this year, Sunny. New mystery series. To be published by (link) Untreed Reads

Mangrove Bayou is a small gulfcoast Florida town located someplace south of Naples and east of the Moon and in the midst of the Ten Thousand Islands / Everglades National Park region.

May, 2015: (link) Mangrove BayouThe town council of Mangrove Bayou hires Troy Adam, on probation, as their new police chief, mainly because there weren't any other serious candidates and despite the fact that Troy had just been fired from his previous police job. No sooner does he arrive than a prominent citizen is found dead. The medical examiner classifies this as an accident but Troy thinks it's murder. The town council doubts that Troy or his small department can handle the case but Troy carries on regardless. As a hurricane arrives, Troy and his small department deal with that homicide and other crimes.

December, 2015: (link) Death Among the MangrovesWhen a college student on vacation goes missing in the small gulfcoast Florida town of Mangrove Bayou, police chief Troy Adam has to deal with overwhelming press attention, a town council doubtful that he can solve the crime, and a powerful judge. Toss in the usual lesser crimes that keep on coming, and he and his small police force are stretched to their limits. Accused early on of being 'soft and squishy on the inside' Troy proves in the end to be capable of utter ruthlessness.

I have three more written (they're habit-forming) but no information yet about publication.

Thank you, Stephen!

My fourth Malone mystery, "Mistaken Identity," will be published by Post Mortem Press and released on June 23, 2015.

This may have come too late as I've just finished my July column.

Hi Sunny,

My company, Larque Press, publishes The Digest Enthusiast. We explore the world of digest magazines past and present through interviews with editors and writers, articles about digest series, reviews of individual issues of digest magazines and also run original genre fiction. Our second edition was released in June. For complete contents lists and images see http://www.larquepress.com/factsheet.htm

Thank you in advance for any coverage you provide.


Don't know if I've come across this too late, but I have a book coming out October 2015. It's the third in a series. The first two came out in October of last year and April of this year. 

Your timing is good! What's the title, synopsis and cover art? You can send it to my email: sunny69@comcast.net

I can give you title and synopsis, but I'm still waiting (impatiently) for the cover art. What's my deadline to get it to you? Maybe that will hurry my cover designer a bit. :)

I start putting my Oct. column together about the 3rd week in Sept. If you don't have cover art, it will still run. The editor decides which covers get displayed. 


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