OK, I've broken down and started a facebook page. Anybody here on the dreaded facebook network? I'd like to add you, if so. My page is at:


although it's pretty lame at present. I'm still trying to figure out how to work most of the damned thing...

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I'm on FaceBook and you're welcome to friend me. I've noticed that on the days I post there, I get more visitors to my blog. I always include a link to my blog, and I tend to follow authors who post on FB as well. They also have a feature called Networked Blogs which I'm on but which I don't fully understand how to use.

You can reach me at www.facebook.com/julielomoe.

Julie Lomoe's Musings Mysterioso
I sent you a friend request.

I've connected with everyone else on Facebook who replied to this topic except you. There are just too many Terry Bowmans! How about befriending me instead? There's only one "Beth Groundwater".
Look for me there as well, folks... Donna Carrick, and you all know my 'pic' by now. Love to see you there.
I'll look for you, Minerva.
I like facebook. I've re-connected with a lot of people I've lost track of in the last few years. And I enjoy many of the posts, political insights, knowledge of events, publication. etc. I think it's a good idea.
I've been on facebook for a while - mainly to reconnect with old friends and stay in touch with some of the more scattered friends.

Recently though, one of my newspapers created a Facebook page and are updating it a couple times a day. It is driving quite a bit of traffic to our web site. Hmmm....
I'm there too, both as Beth Terrell and as my nom de plume, E. Michael Terrell. You'll recognize me as Beth Terrell--the photo is the same.
Ditto for me ie what everyone else said. I think that it's a great way to take a peek into family, friends and potential friends and their lives, and, only if you are interested. A former student (I previously lectured in natural medicine), contacted me thru FB. Our college had closed, so I started a social group for all ex lecturers and students, we now have an amazing forum to discuss treatment modalities and patient management. Sound familiar!!

Plus if my friends happen to mention they are unwell, they have an instant naturopath dispensing advise and, probably not what they want to hear !!
I added you! Don't be perterbed by my picture, I don't actually look like a pokemon. It's just something my friends and I do when we're feeling particularly immature.
I'm late to the thread, but have been on FB for a while now. My personal page is http://www.facebook.com/jeff.mariotte and I have a fan page at http://www.facebook.com/JeffreyJMariotte.



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