Anyone have suggestions for a few good, established female crime writers?

I've realized that I have never read any crime fiction by women and would like to try some. My tastes tend to run to the noir/neo-noir and hard-boiled genres (Pelecanos, Bruen, Ellroy, Huston, Burke, etc) so if anyone can suggest female writers in that vein, that would be great.

So far, I'm thinking Alafair Burke, Sara Paretsky and Sue Grafton. I'd appreciate any other ideas.


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Just got it - have never read that one! I always enjoyed 'A Shilling For Candles' - got to say that I didn't really enjoy the ending of 'The Man in the Queue' - a bit cheeky, I thought (not wanting to spoil the ending for anyone!)
Their was a good BBC production of Bratt Ferrar a few years ago, too.  It was on just after I read the book for the first time and i thought it quite good.  i do need to reread it now. Love Daughter of Time, too.  Also The Singing Sands.  Oh, there's nothing like the classics, is there?
How about Margery Allingham?! Ngaio Marsh? Dorothy L Sayers?! Love them ALL!! Just finished Josephine Tey's 'To Love and Be Wise' which I really enjoyed - probably WAY ahead of its time!

I would recommend Allison Leotta, a former federal sex crimes prosecutor. Her debut novel is THE LAW OF ATTRACTION,  about a newly-minted US attorney named Anna Curtis. A great read

David DeLee

Fatal Destiny - a Grace deHaviland novel

I also really liked 'Wearing the Spider' by Susan Schaab - a great thriller about identity theft set in a law firm.

Fairstein, Reich, McDermid, Grafton and Kellerman - then how about some great Australians - 

PD Martin, Kathryn Fox, Kerry Greenwood, Lindy Cameron, Sydney Bauer, Robin Bowles, Alex Palmer, Katherine Howell, Alison Goodman, Angela Savage, Leigh Redhead, Tara Moss
and Gabrielle Lord.

Gabrielle Lord is awesome! I heard her talking about her 365 series and it sounds great!
Has anyone mentioned Susan Hill's Simon Serrallier series?  Beautifully written, gripping mysteries.
This one sounds interesting.  Have to confess that most of the names so far are unknown to me.
Tara Moss tweeted today that her next Crime Thriller, Assassin, will be out early next year. Looking forward to it, since the last one left at a bit of a series redirection.
Yes, Patricia Highsmith, Megan Abbott, Tana French. Highsmith and Abbott, especially: dark, brilliant. What a great thread.
Oh yes, Tana French!


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