I'm brand new to the site, but it truly is a pleasure to be a part of.  It looks great, and what a cool concept. 

Anyway, drop me a line.  Let me know who's out there and what you're up to.  I'm always looking to make new connections in the literary world or hear about talented people who are breaking through.  Good luck, and stay safe. 

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Hi Mark.  Definitely a connection, both professionally and as a fellow local from the area.  Best of luck with the publisher.  I know the feeling well. 

Hey, nice to have you online. I'm in Iowa with two eBooks coming out this year. Hope to communicate with you often.


Thanks, Stephen.  I'm liking the gi.  Where is your school?
I put a few examples of my work that can be found online under the blog area on my page, for those of you who are so inclined.  Thanks!
I have a club in Oskaloosa, about an hour southeast of Des Moines.

Hi Bernard!

Nice to meet you, electronically. I've been to Philadelphia, does that count as a connection?  We were at the Radnor Hunt last summer, and visited Gettysburg.  I write noir.  My first novel came out from a small press last fall, and I have short stories all over the place. Welcome aboard!




Nice to meet you as well, J.E.  You got some excellent reviews for LEAD POISONING.  Congratulations, you should be very proud. 

Hi Bernard - welcome from down under in OZ. 

Lots of helpful people here on CrimeSpace, just put up a question and away you go.  I found a writing group and a mentor who just happens to be an editor, publisher and author of multiple works.  You just never know what’s around the corner. 

I am writing about a series of murders set here in Melbourne, about 26 chapters in, stalled at the mo.

Good Luck, hope all goes well for you - cheers Gaile.

Thank you Gaile.  Good luck with getting unstuck.  26 chapters is way too invested to give up.  I'm sure the story is in there somewhere.  Get out the big rigs and drilling machines and tell those lazy miners to strap on their helmets, it's time to go down into the depths and find it. 

Thanks Bernard.  I might mention that we also have a link, my daughter is a police officer here in Victoria, she is only eighteen months in. She met her partner at the academy literally next in line, was looking for a new career and voila a future husband as well.

My protagonist is a female detective, however as the story emerged three years ago the events are unrelated. Look forward to checking out your website.

Krikey!  Didn't realize you were IN Australia, Gaile.  How are you guys making out with the floods?  First there were the rampaging fires plaguing you guys a few years ago and now water.  Simply horrible, and I hope you and yours are okay. 

Congratulations to your daughter.  I hope she enjoys the job and stays safe. 


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