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Review - Murder and Redemption, Noel Mealey


Author:  Noel Mealey

ISBN:   978073229366

Location:   Western Australia

Series:   Syd Fielding

Publisher:   Harper Collins

Year of Publication:   2012

Syd Fielding is on a fishing trip when he hears a horrifying scream.... What he doesn't yet know is that a young man is being fed to a saltwater crocodile.

So begins Murder & Redemption, an absorbing crime novel which follows in the traditions of both Peter…


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Breakdown - Sara Paretsky

Picking up the latest Sara Paretsky book is like sitting down with an old friend to hear a new story. Paretsky penned her first book featuring private investigator V.I. Warshawski in 1982. Nearly thirty years later, the newly released…


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Blood on the Sand, the fifth DI Horton crime novel by Pauline Rowson, just published in Large Print format

Blood on the Sand  has been published in Large Print format by Severn House.  It is the fifth in the marine mystery series of police procedural crime novels featuring the flawed and rugged DI Andy Horton.. …


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SERIAL KILLER COUPLES Now in Kindle and Nook


SERIAL KILLER COUPLES: Bonded by Sexual Depravity, Abduction, and Murder, the new true crime book by bestselling crime writer R. Barri Flowers, chronicles nine pairs of infamous killer intimates. Now in Kindle and Nook.

Chapter 1: Raymond Fernandez and Martha Beck, Chapter 2: Ian Brady and Myra Hindley, Chapter 3: Fred West and Rosemary West, Chapter 4:…


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Why Do You Read?

I finished a book last night that was one of those "I can't wait to find out what happens" stories. The author had me caring desperately for the characters, hoping against hope that they could defeat the almost certain doom that swept toward them. I read and read and read...and then they died. Greek tragedy and ANNA KARENINA aside, that's not what I read for. I read to be entertained, at least when I read genre fiction. I contend that an "entertaining" author who gives the reader false hopes…


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Looking forward to 2012 - lots lined up, new DI Horton crime novel, talks, appearances and media interviews for crime author Pauline Rowson

The New Year and 2012 promises to be an exciting year with lots already lined up. It begins with the publication in the UK on 26 January of the NEW DI Andy Horton marine mystery crime novel, the seventh in the DI Horton series, A Killing Coast. Publication in the USA follows on 1 May 2012.…


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"Welcome to my world"

Pat Nolan is summoned to Paris to claim his estranged daughter's body.

When he sees the body, it's not his daughter, Megan. He realizes that she has staged her death and must be in trouble and need him.


Catherine Laurence is a police detective in Paris. She's told that Saudi government officials are looking for Megan for suspected terrorist activity. They are suspicious when Pat has his daughter's body cremated. They want Catherine to befriend him and learn…


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Character Interview

Luther Longlow is talking about his stubborn daughter, her beau, Sheriff Sylvester Tilghman, and events in Fallen From Grace at http://franorenstein.weebly.com/1/post/2011/12/final-character-interview-fallen-from-grace-by-john-lindermuth.html?

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Whence a threat really comes

Whence a threat really comes



The financial crisis has taught a lesson which is not new: politicians and the public are easily aroused by fear, particularly of crime. Fear creates an incantation market for policy makers and researchers, invariably confirming these fears. One of these marketed fears concerns the dreaded tsunami of crime-money and the laundering thereof. This is most successfully marketed crime fear products of the past two…


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What A U.S. Marine Taught My Daughter About Life

By Mark Young

My nine-year-old daughter excitedly edged through the fair crowd, going from booth to booth collecting free stuff—toys, pens and pencils, candy, free bottles of water, and balloons. She was a walking advertisement for the Republicans and…


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Sherlock Holmes, reviews & giveaway in new KRL issue

The last issue of Kings River Life in 2011 is up and filled with mystery fun. We have an article on some of the Sherlock Holmes books that have come out in 2011 http://kingsriverlife.com/12/31/sherlock-holmes-in-books/

And a whole big group of mystery book reviews for your 2012 reading list including Ian Rankin's latest…


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