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Bookstock, Part II

Yesterday gave us perfect bookselling and book signing weather. Both "Secrets Can't Be Kept Forever" and "Sherlock Holmes and the Plague of Dracula" did quite well. I hope to be there next year.

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The Robbery

Paul Vanotti


This is one chapter of an unfinished novel set in San Francisco..

They’d planned to be out in four minutes, but the watch strapped over Nick Sotto’s black glove already read twenty seconds past the five minute-mark.  With his back to the wall facing the Grant Avenue door, he swung the short barrel of…


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Review: "Compound Murder: A Dan Rhodes Mystery" by Bill Crider

It is the middle of October and still very hot and dry in Blacklin County, Texas. The weather has not been right for years and that isn’t all. Sheriff Dan Rhodes has already had a busy morning when the call comes in about the dead body over at the branch campus of a local community college. While he isn't sure if the one building on the outskirts of Clearview could be considered a campus Sheriff Rhodes is sure the body between the dumpsters is dead and the crime scene is ruined thanks to…


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If you're going to be in in or near Woodstock, Vermont tomorrow, I'll be signing "Secrets Can't Be Kept Forever" and "Sherlock Holmes and the Plague of Dracula" from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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Facebook works

I have been using Facebook to let independent bookstores about my two current novels. A surprising number of them were pleased to hear from me, and especially my publisher's "indepdendent bookstores first" policy. 

Now let's hope the books aren't total train wrecks.

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Can You Tell a Lie and Not Get Caught?


liedetector Years ago, I had an interview…


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The Same Mistake Twice: New Diana Andrews novella

Prostitute Diana Andrews has a business problem, and his name is John Doe.

Available here.…


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Review - If I Tell You... I'll Have to Kill You, edited by Michael Robotham

What is the secret to good crime writing? No one better to ask than a group of Australia's leading crime writers. Their conclusions are fascinating, provocative, often surprising, and they are all drawn from the hard school of personal experience. What pieces of advice do the writers have in common? That there is no substitute for hard work! One tells us there is no such thing as writer's block - "just do it" is a common theme. There is a fun part though: research. The writers could not vary…


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Who else writes like? Choosing crime novels to read

It is often difficult to find a new author and one whose novels you think you might enjoy but libraries are a great place for dipping your toe in the water, or rather for letting your fingers do the choosing and there is also a handy little book that can help with that. I came across this when I was appearing at Chichester Library recently with fellow crime…


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Our thoughts

I think I've been watching too many crime dramas, and reading too many mystery books. At Wal-Mart, all I could think of when I saw the 100 pack of zip ties was: what a serial rapists dream. Then there were stainless steel zip ties. I thought: Oh, a person could inflict a lot of damage to someone's wrists and ankles with those babies. Then as I returned home, I saw that my neighbor was the only one on the block with his electric meter on the outside of his house. Of course, I thought: a bad guy… Continue

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New Series of Novels About a Black Female Private Detective

My love of jazz music and its history led me to an obsession with a long-defunct gay bar in Harlem that catered to rough trade. My interest in criminal history led me to an obsession with a still-unidentified African American serial killer (a very rare breed) who preyed mostly upon women of mixed race in Atlanta a century ago. It also led me to an obsession with perhaps the most prolific—and certainly the scariest and most fascinating—African American serial killer in American history, Jake… Continue

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Violence or no violence- The amount of blood and gore in a crime novel

I love to read two kinds of novels- crime thrillers, supernatural tales and espionage thrillers. But my favorite amongst these three are crime thrillers.Why? Not only because we have some of the best writers in these two categories- Agatha Christie, Sherlock Holmes, James Patterson, Val McDermid, Stieg Larsson, Robert Ludlum, Michael Connolly, Thomas Harris....the list goes on.

But because the main attraction is the darkness in human beings explored in these gritty thrillers. And what…


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Cluster B Personality Type

I am absolutely fascinated with psychopaths, sociopaths, narcissists, and anti social personality disorders. Having recently experienced this in my last relationship and feeling grateful I’m OK and healing, I want to continue my studies on this cluster B personality type.  If I can help even ONE woman, I will do it selflessly.  Sandra L Brown is a pioneer in the forefront for victims of this personality type.  I’ve read both her books and subscribe to her newsletter.  She’s awesome!  And now…


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Book Review: "Private Spies" by PJ Nunn

34 year old Jesse Morgan Jackson is not having a good year. Her mom says that since Jesse has always done things early she is just having a mid-life crisis. Jesse would not agree, but the past month has been especially difficult with the death of her best friend and business partner, Joey Catronio.


Five years ago they formed a partnership with Joey doing the street stuff and Jesse doing the computer stuff in the office. With his sudden death, Jesse is struggling personally…


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Book Review: "Thuglit: Issue 4" edited by Todd Robinson

Thuglit: Issue 4 of the anthology magazine features eight stories from eight talented authors. Edited by Todd Robinson, aka Big Daddy Thug, these tales lean toward the noir side of things. These are stories where the reason why something happens is just as important as the act itself.


Crystal went all the way up to the bedroom in the small attic looking for the guest of honor. In “Through the Perilous Night” by Anton Sim she finds him watching TV, drinking, and…


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The world of publishing is very much like playing craps in Vegas. No matter how hard a writer evaluates a publishing house or tries to predict its future success before signing on the dotted line, the industry itself is as consistent as a roll of the dice.

There are calculations you can make based on factors such as the length of time the house has been in business, the size of its stable of authors, the number of titles and presence on the Internet. But, getting information…


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For Bookstore Owners

In case anyone here owns a bookstore, I would like you to know that my publisher, MX Publishing USA, values independent bookstores and has a policy of making its books available to them before the large chains and online retailers get them.



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Gather Around and Discover the Impression Evidence at the Crime Scene



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PH.D IN MURDER (A Cozy Mystery Short)

PH.D IN MURDER is a cozy mystery short by bestselling author @RBarriFlowers, now in eBook.


A doctoral student’s independent study reenactment of the well-known and still unsolved murder of Marilyn Sheppard ends with a modern day murder and killer on the…


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