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Werner Lind The Gift

I am surprised that someone actually had to suggest to me that I read this. I had read it, loved, and being the genius that I am thought I had already posted on it. But, low and behold, I had not .Go figure! I need to talk about this digital short story, because it rocks flat out. But let’s hold our horses here for a minute. Yesterday on my blogtalk radio show ,The G-ZONE, I had Big Daddy Abel on and we had a blast, going from one subject to another including getting into a debate on where…


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Paul Levine Flesh & Bones


Hopefully I can get this right, because believe me I want to, on so many levels. First to just get this out of the way, this novel just flat out ROCKS! Now I have had the pleasure and honor of interviewing Paul Levine on my blogtalk show The G-ZONE last week. I know I mentioned this yesterday in my John Locke/Vegas Moon post, but the reason I point this out yet again is this: The guy’s voice, as smooth, kind and silky as it is, was in my head the entire time I was pressing the…


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John Locke Vegas Moon


Hey, the guy keeps pumping them out and my Kindle keeps getting giddy with delight that he is. Truly amazing! I read a number of character driven series, but already, John Locke has secured a spot at the top of my list. He just keeps cranking them out, and they get better and better and better. But let’s put the brakes on this love fest for a minute and give you guys an update on a few things in the world of G. Tomorrow I am posting on Paul Levine’s Flesh & Bones, an oldie but…


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Donna White Glaser author of The Enemy We Know Guest Post


I just recently launched my book, “The Enemy We Know,” on Kindle, and it felt amazing. It’s the first in the Letty Whittaker 12 Step Mysteries and it’s taken me ten years, two agents, and countless revisions to get here. And, yes, it was worth it. A friend of mine recently told me that she didn’t think she could have been that patient. Yet, despite how long and hard I’ve worked to see my books in print, I am not patient.


I am stubborn, however, which is just…


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Marcia Clark Guilt by Association

Hello and welcome to Monday, and my usual State of theBlog weekly address! I am going throw in what is going on on the blogtalk show, The G-ZONE, also as there is going to be some serious fun and excitement this week also. To start with, please feel free to visit my new and exciting Author’s Page at Amazon:

Also feel free to…


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Down Low-Dead The Author's Lab/Collaboration Vincent Zandri/Giovanni Gelati


Yeah, that is my name along that of one of the hottest authors on the planet today; make no mistake about it. Read it and weep, make fun of me if you will, have a laugh at my expense, did this actually work? I think it did. We are probably one of the greatest foils in the universe. A team not unlike some of the greatest duo’s of all time. No I am not talking about Batman and Robin; Zandri can’t pull of the Robin costume, way too tight and not his colors. No I am talking about…


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Digital short Story Chantal Boudreau The Ghost in The Mirror

I gave my hubby a break for a day; hi, it is me again Mrs. Gelati. The reason for the break, well I was the one that read this short story and thoroughly enjoyed it; I was touched by it and have shared it with my daughters. The other reason I told him to stay away from the computer today is that I gave him a long list of things I wanted done for the Holiday this weekend, and gave him a head start to get it done. Besides that I am a bit upset with him and Zandri for what they wrote about me…


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Douglas Corleone Night on Fire


This has been a fun week of reading and writing for me. The content has been the key. Normally I get to see some pretty neat stuff, but when I get to dig into a character I just can’t get enough of, well it is that much more fun and then it turns to brief sadness. Why sadness? The usual thing, I have to wait another year to devour another installment of the series. Douglas Corleone and his character Kevin Corvelli is one of the characters I cannot get enough of. Let get to the…


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Brett Battles The Silenced


Yesterday was just plain nuts, nuts, I tell you! Here is a brief recap of yesterday’s events, follow along with me and tell me if it wasn’t nuts. Vincent Zandri was nice enough to almost give away a major plot twist in our collaborated digital short story we just finished called: The Gang That Couldn’t Kindle Straight”. I think he was miffed that I let it spill he used my name and some guy named Tolstoy’s name in the same sentence. The exact context of how he used my name in…


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Guest Post Alexandrea Weis author of Recovery

     The rhythm of the resurrecting city of New Orleans is reflected everyday in the unified heartbeat of its determined residents. And no matter the devastation, New Orleanians will continually fight to hold on to their beloved little bastion eight feet below sea level. Like the memory of a first kiss, the warmth of New Orleans pervades your soul and forever becomes a part of you. To travel among the wide oaks and antebellum homes of the Garden District makes for beautiful postcard…


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Heywood Gould The Serial Killers Daughter


I hope that your Monday has started off well. Did you have a nice weekend? My posting week is going to be different this week as we have Easter at week’s end and that is generally a busy time at our home. The Scoop will not have any posts on it Saturday or Sunday, so I am going to move everything up a day or two here. Basically everything I normally have on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will be dropped in on Thursday and Friday. Thanks for understanding. The G-ZONE this week is…


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Self-Published Sunday Alexandrea Weis Recovery

Hello and welcome to Self-Published Sunday. Have you heard of this author? I haven’t; this is my first read on her work. Is it going to my last one, definitely not? Too much going on in this novel not to want more, and there is more because this is actually number two in the series. I can always go back one and enjoy numero uno before she puts out number three. Alright it is Sunday, let’s cut to the chase, get to what this novel is about, and get to reading on this beautiful Sunday, maybe on…


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Digital short Saturday H.R. Toye Debtor's Chip/Devin

I was bowled over by this debut digital short story by H.R. Toye: great narrative, intense content and a very nice hard-boiled read. This is going to be a series and I for one am all for that; keep them coming. The author has created a world that has been built on misery, misfortune, and bad choices. The first character basically seems to have the ideal life, the ideal wife and the ideal job. Drop the $.99 on this story and read how H.R. Toye strips this guy down to his barest of emotions…


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Digital short Saturday B.R. Stateham A Dish Served Cold/Two tales of Blood and Mayhem

This series has quickly become one of my favorites, The Call Me Smitty Series. I just love the hard core, hard-boiled hit man that can be equal parts bad and compassionate. B.R. Stateham has composed a character that I think is going to stand the test of time. Basically I can’t say enough good things about the series from A to Z on this, I just can’t!  This is a novella so it is a bit longer in length then its predecessors, which is an added bonus for us fans of this intense series. If I…


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Improvised Digital short Story Blood Bond vs. Burn It!

Talk about intensity, competitiveness, and fun, that was just the beginning of the day for me as I gave each team the three words that were going to spark eight authors into action. They jammed off of each other’s work like jazz musicians or rockers going to it trying to outdo each other. It was fun sending the next piece to all involved; I enjoyed the comments I was receiving from the other participants as they were reading through not just their own piece but the next one that was played…


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Gary Ponzo A Touch of Deceit


Hello to everyone and welcome to the middle of the week. Joy of joys. Things have been hopping here @ Gelati’s Scoop/ The G-Zone  and I couldn’t be happier. The rest of the week we have some really nice novels, and digital shorts to feature. Our guests the next few days are a great assortment of genres and personalities. Thursday in the G-Zone is Gary Ponzo, today’s featured author/post, and on Friday in a return engagement Leonardo Ramirez author of the graphic novel Haven and…


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Notes From Underground Anthology The Literary Lab

I am going to get right into the action with this one. I mean, what exactly does the title mean? Here you go:

“Over the past year, one thing we've come to appreciate on The Literary Lab blog is the value of artistic freedom. To celebrate this freedom, we put together a collection of stories that were accepted before they were actually written. Our fellow writers gained entry into the anthology by impressing us with past work or proposals. From those early applications, we selected…


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Guest Post Amy Faircloth co-author of Wicked Good


People frequently ask how it came to be that two sisters wrote a novel together and what it was like to work as a team. The answers are “simple” and “great.”

It was March. The snow was dirty brown and the sun was absent here in Bangor, Maine. I was spending a lot of time on my sofa, channel surfing and landing nowhere. Joanne called from her home in Florida.

“Wanna write a book together?”  I wrapped the afghan around me tighter and yawned from lack of blood flow to my…


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John Locke A Girl Like You

I have some new things to talk about; yes besides the stuff I yapped about last week, yes, it is true. New stuff already! Here is the deal; I am adding a new segment to my blogtalk show, it is going to be all about writing process. Basically a panel of authors is going to discuss a facet of writing each month and hopefully something new can be learned and we can each get something from it. Let’s face it, gas is going through the roof, trying to get to one of these authorfests is tough and…


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Guest Post Amy Faircloth co-author of Wicked Good

So You Want To Co-Author A Novel…

My sister and I have written a novel together called Wicked Good. People ask me all the time what was it like co-authoring a novel with my sister.

My response: all good!

It’s been my dream to be a writer since I was eight years old, and trust me, that’s a long time ago! Amy never wanted to be a writer. She is happy spending time with her sons and saving all the dogs of the world. It wasn’t planned that we would write novels…


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